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    • Jaques
    • 04.10.10 | 03:17 (IST)

    From the outset..."Netenyahu"...was never his name nor his antecedents' name...he is a Lithuanian named Mylekowski. He is one of the zionist cult which change their names to appear to be "of the region..Marx, Ben Gurion, Gold Meeir, Peres,Trotsky, Regev, de Rothschild and a long list of others.He is a notorious liar and dedicated to seeing the Palestinians out of a land which was Jewish only for a short time long ago in history. He is happy to keep a zoo of Palestinians trapped in Gaza to blame and to shoot for sport and fun as do the American and some European zionist fanatics which go to Israel for the benefits.The settlers are proven killers and like the Israeli zionist hierarchy, hide behind obscure religious vagueness....for you seen no Israeli prime minister has ever been a hebrew jew...all are Khazars. That's like calling the Australian "little pebble" cult "The catholic Church" Mylekowski Frieberg ("Regev") and their gang have no interest in peace. Peace allows stability and little profit by comparison with "war". Israel has never in its existance produced a peace plan of any justice, in fact it really hasn't produced anything remotely like a peace plan which puulls them back to 1947 boundaries and respects Palestinians. The Palestinians which were the seed of Palestine are now sickingly and deceptively offered "a state" within their own country.Benjamin Netenyahu" (Benoin Mylekowski) doesn't exist, he is a figment of the reigh gestapo which colluded with Israeli terrorists in creating Israel. Zionist fanatic Rafe Emanuel has made a big noise "moving on" but Axlerod and other zionists fanatics are still critically influential in the Presidency. The Presidency doesn't reflect America the presidency is filled by someone whoch meets the criteria of Israel, the masonic Lodge, the Bilderbergers and most often the Mafia. Read the life stories of people like Sinatra dn Clointon and Kennedy for example. The demise of Israel as we know it, allowing the wholesome jews to surface and control it is the only way to peace. Because of Israel's Khazar zionists and America's subservience to it and it's supplying massive funds, arms, propaganda, access to miltary and other machinations, media blackouts and so on the bulk of the world's people suffer, and they suffer the lie of even Netenyahu's name and hstory becasue they just don't give a damn about the victims, the palestinians . They didn't even give a damn about the Israeli US conspiracy to sink the USS Liberty with all hands to bring USA into the phony war of 1967 to assist in the massacres of Egyptians and other arabs. Israel was running over captured prisoners with tanks...completely S/S gestapo tactics and Admiral McCain was in on it. Thanks to the spirits of the 4th dimension it failed but as with the corrupt and fraudulent electon of Bush as President...elected through a massive conspiracy of criminal acts in rendering voters impotent, later "let go" by the Supreme Court as "it's already done" . We live in a world run by liars and the serfs just don't have the custard to stand up and tell the governing bodies..hey, you are paid to serve us...not to rule us" and demand accountability and demand action which does not involve genocide and assassination and which gives good example. These peace talks are just another farce to prop up support of israel which wants everything and gives nothing.

    from the article: Abbas: Peace talks at impasse, but we are searching for solution
    First published 17:42 03.10.10 | Last updated 17:42 03.10.10
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