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    • Aliza
    • 18.07.13 | 12:14 (IDT)

    Please do not judge Netanyahu so harshly. I do not think he lives in denial, but rather quite honestly he simply does not know what to do. Put vulgarily in a comprehensive way: how do you make "peace" with a rattle-snake? Will it stop biting, if you make peace with it? What quarantees do you have for that? Can you trust the rattle-snake? It produces new venomous snakes all the time that separate themselves from the mother snake and do not care a hoot about agreements made betw. the mother-snake and Israel: like first there was PLO, then Hamas emerged from it, who affiliated itself with Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists .... and so on. The enemy is not stable, but in constant state of division into new venomous snakes biting Israel and agreements made with Israel do not bind them so the the eternal jihad against Israel is on all eternity. SO: how does one make any kind of "peace" with such an enemy? It is the USA, who is naive and the Euroepeans who are living in denial. Both namely believe in peace that is impossible ..... the USA has no grasp of reality and the Europeans, who do suffer from the Muslims' scary rage-attacks in their continent once in a while, live in denial, bc they do not acknowledge the Muslims' uncontrollable, destructive nature ......yet they keep pushing Israel to "peace" with people, who simply cannot live in peace....not even among themselves. - Netanyahu living in denial? I don't think so. It also is painful to Netanyahu as a religious Jew to think of giving up on land and Jerusalem, which are inherently Jewish. What the USA and the EU are asking Israeli adm. to do is like asking her to kill her mother. Sorry, can't be done. - Bc I consider the USA's and the EU's requests unreasonable and "disproportionate" (=the fashionable term), I think they are pressuring Israel to "peace" out of their own selfish motives, which I think are those of paving the way for the NWO (I think you 'ld study it in order to learn what the are up to). I do not think that the USA nor the EU care the least about Israel's existence, bc they do not want to do what is right, instead they insist on an "easy" solution that does not take Israel's small size and historic right to Samaria and Judea and Jerusalem and the attack-wars on Israel into consideration. ---- As my subjective opinion I repeat as the only way to a calm co-existence betw. Israel and the Pals a return to the San Remo and implementing it to the Pals. But as mentioned earlier, the USA and the EU do not want to DO what is right, they want to BE rght on the Pal-Arabs' behalf. THAT is THE obstacle to calm and peace.

    from the article: A prime minister in denial, leading Israel to the brink
    First published 03:39 18.07.13 | Last updated 03:39 18.07.13
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