Netanyahu: Iran can happen in Egypt, so let us not worry about peace with the Palestinians.. - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • 14.02.11 | 18:11 (IST)

    While what happened in Iran might happen in Egypt, Israel should try to pre-empt such a blow, but that is not what Netanyahu has in mind. President Carter criticized the Shah's human rights record, so the regime was reluctant to use force against the demonstrators, until the Shah fell. We have a repeat performance by Ob"In case of the vacancy of the Presidential Office or the permanent disability of the President of the Republic, the President of the People's Assembly shall temporarily assume the Presidency...The People's Assembly shall then proclaim the vacancy of the office of President. The President of the Republic shall be chosen within a maximum period of sixty days from the day of the vacancy of the Presidential Office." - Article 84, Egypt's constitution// Transferring power to the military is unconstitutional, and actually amounts to a (bloodless) military coup. Just to make it obvious, the constitution has been suspended. It all depends now on the military, as it did when Nasser toppled the Monarchy. How long will military rule last? Not clear since any new arrangements will need to be discussed and agreed to by a large number of groups. Is this the dawn of Democracy in Egypt? I hope so, but military rulers tend not to leave that fast. Mubarak may have arranged a little "surprise" for the people who rejected him, as well as the inept US who insisted he leaves NOW. It would have been a lot safer and better to accept the latest Mubarak move: He remains a figurehead while actual power goes to his VP Suleiman who negotiates with all groups reasonable constitutional amendments, to be enacted by September. That would have kept the Constitution operative. But the emotional Egyptians and the self-righteous but inept Americans could not think beyond their noses. They may soon miss Mubarak. ama and Hillary, so it is possible the regime Nasser built will also fall, and it is possible that the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood will take over. Can Israel do something to improve the future? Yes, of course. Proceed to have a peace agreement with the Palestinians! With the Palestinian problem gone, Egypt has no serious problem with Israel, nor will Iran be too excited about Israel. And given that there is no more Soviet Union that can provide advance weaponry to Egypt, a war with Israel is not likely. So do something useful Mr. Nutty Yahoo, instead of the usual empty talk.

    from the article: Egypt, Israel, and the sudden return of Land for Peace
    First published 09:17 14.02.11 | Last updated 09:17 14.02.11
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