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    • Irish Sensation
    • 15.12.05 | 01:48 (IST)

    Go ahead and send the Australian military in Iran alone. You think it will be a success? I see an Invasion of Iran to be far worse than Iraq. For one, the Iranians still have a military compared to Iraq who's military had nothing. 2nd, the Iranian militia Hizbollah is more extreme than any Iraqi insurgents. Third off, anything that happens in Iran will affect Iraq. You think the Shites of Iraq will continue cooperating with America and her allies (Australia) when they learn their Shia brethren are being killed? Iran would have a larger and more barbaric insurgency than Iraq ever did. Remember, over 80 percent of the Iraqi population was oppressed by Saddam, hence the military thought Iraq was going to be a cakewalk and everyone would be waving the beautiful red white and blue. It wasn't, Iraq was a brutal dictatorship, but now it's a heaven for suicide bombers. Iran will be far worse, and we had a small taste of it in Lebanon. Anyhow, it's not like Australia would go into Iran alone, they'd need the U.S. to lead the way as usual. Stop, drop, and roll! Think before you make such stupid statements. This Iranian president himself will bring his own country down himself. Just as their was a revolution to overthrow the corrupt and repressive Shah, I'm certain the same will be done with these new rulers. The U.S. is too stretched out in Afghanistan, Iraq, to be doing anything in Iran. The insurgents would have an easier time bombing if all three countries which are connected thru Iran are occupied and not all borders would be sealed. I've firmly felt from day one, we should not even touch the Middle East. It is their responsbility to clean up their own house. We have no reason to be involved or to be allies with Saudi Arabia and Israel for that matter. The whole Islamic revolution happened in Iran because we were buddy buddies with the Shah who stole from and repressed his people. The Middle East will have to go thru many more civil wars and coupes before finding itself, the same way Europe and the U.S. found theirselves. If those idiot rulers actually followed true Islam they'd have a just society since Islam promotes a social justice, a moral code (similar to that of the Torah and Bible), and punishments for crimes. Contrary to honor killings, that is not a religious introduction, it's cultural. Islam's only two offenses that were punishable by death when the religion was introduced was unlawful murder of another, and treason. The problem is not the religions. I have many Jewish, Christian, and Muslim friends who practice their faith's with common sense, and all get along great. There's just bad apples that the religions of God have allowed to join, and it is these people that are the problems. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are three beautiful faiths that have special characteristics that each old. When Islam conquered Palestine, even the minorities, i.e. Christians and Jews were not required originally to pay the jizyeh (those who couldn't afford it). Recall the leader or Caliph Omar payed it on behalf of them! This anti semetism, and Islamaphobism must be eradicated.

    from the article: What to do with Ahmadinejad
    First published 00:00 14.12.05 | Last updated 00:00 14.12.05
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