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Secretary of State John Kerry with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday
U.S. prevented sale of Israeli helicopters to Nigeria

Nigerians wanted to buy retired Cobra attack helicopters last summer to fight Boko Haram.

14:21 26.01.15 | 1 comments

The Herzogs: Israel's answer to the Kennedys

From Chaim Herzog to Abba Eban and Oliver Sacks, Labor leader Isaac Herzog's family is often called the closest thing Israel has to Camelot. How many of these names do you recognize?

Don't blame U.K. Jews for anti-Semitism; we won't hide

Falsely categorizing disagreements between British Jews as anti-Semitism during a climate of fear and tension is classic victim-blaming.

It's only corruption when land is stolen from Jews

The long-running case of an illegal land transfer in northern Israel vividly illustrates the two sets of standards in operation here.