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    • zionist forever
    • 02.05.12 | 14:00 (IDT)

    The problem with the UK situation is if somebody comes from an EU country they have a right to come to England, get jobs, use the NHS and they can even quite legally claim benefits. With illegals from outside the EU have to work around any EU regulations on the subject... I bet you anything over the next couple of years England which is famed for its soft touch will see an influx of Greeks coming over to take jobs and claim the benefits that their own country is to poor to provide them with. As for Israel, it has 2 problems: The first is we don't do enough to get unemployed low skilled Israelis into work and instead bring in foreign laborers, before the intifada it used to be palestinians doing these jobs now we pretty much import Filipinos in the thousands supposedly on short term work permits but then they decide to stay once their visa expires and the police have better things to do that chase after foreign workers here illegally. The Sinai border is also easy to pass and we have about 3000 illegals sneaking into Israel every month but once again the police don't want the headache, and of course we have the refugees and if they can find a way to sneak into Israel welll we will turn a blind eye again. There is also abit of a Holocaust guilt syndrome drummed up by the left .... how can Jews turn away a criminal refugee or a non refugee here illegally back to their own country when they want to stay here? Another favorite tactic is for adults to send out their children out with banners saying I LOVE ISRAEL DONT DEPORT ME I WANT TO SERVE IN THE IDF and nobody can bare the idea of deporting a cute little kid who loves Israel and dreams of one day serving in the IDF. Sadly I think this problem is going to get much worse before it starts to get any better. A good start would be to tear down that monstrosity of a bus station that's home to illegals, traders selling junk and devalues property prices in the area and build a new bus station in a decent part of town and keep the junk traders away... we want something clean, in a good area thats not going to become an assembly point for illegals and in England Cameron needs to take advantage of the fact the EU is politically weak and want British money for EU bailouts and start asking things in return like the repealing of EU laws which are bad for England.

    from the article: Israel Police: Unemployed African refugees turning Tel Aviv beaches into high crime spots
    First published 01:02 02.05.12 | Last updated 01:02 02.05.12
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