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    • despair
    • 04.06.10 | 03:54 (IDT)

    the people who got killed have names and faces: somehow I do not think the people killed were the ones seen fighting in those videos there is video footage of everything - and quite a lot got out -have a look in youtube. I suppose that video footage was what the fight to prevent the Israeli soldiers from entering the boat was really about - and the urgency to shut everything down on the Israeli side, too. one side was fighting with steel taken from the railings and deck chairs - the other side had guns, one side got bruised, on the other side people got killed. A body having four bullets in the head and one in the breast (that is the US citizen) does sound like somebody got carried away. basically, I suppose, the Israeli side started shooting, because they could not enter the ferry otherwise, and because a few soldiers had been overpowered sliding down that stupid rope. the al jazeera footage that can be found on youtube is quite clear on that, and there are probably more complete videos out there, as the whole enterprise was planned first and foremost as a media exercise. Worse, as witnesses say, and what is probably out there on video as well, after the first soldiers were overpowered, soldiers repelling were shooting from the air, there being no way they can claim self defense. now, iff you do not wish to surprise people, and if you yourself do not wish to be surprised I suppose you do not arrive at 4:30 at the doorstep, and if you are polite I suppose you wait till 9 o clock. There was no urgency, the ferry was far away from Gaza. It might also help with communications if you speak Turkish when you enter a Turkish ship in any way that might be misunderstood. It would also help - remember, this is a media exercise, if you explain why you do what you are doing - it would look good for the cameras. It would also help for the cameras and assure civilized proceedings to send ordinary customs officers for these missions and not elite batallions trained for warfare and nothing else. And maybe you should not be in international waters, trying to enter a ship with a Turkish flag. Now let me guess: the Israeli goal for that media exercise was "deterrence of human rights activists"? It would be so easy to get rid of them - just don't give them a cause.

    from the article: Israel Navy: 3 commandos nearly taken hostage in Gaza flotilla raid
    First published 02:02 04.06.10 | Last updated 02:02 04.06.10
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