name a single individual arab or Israeli who has ever been able to make peace with palestinians or syria? - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 01.02.12 | 18:54 (IST)

    Rabin failed to make peace and what he did get round to before his death was window dressing, he didn't address any serious issues and if he had lived he would have faced the same stumbling blocks as his successors. Peres didn't make peace, Sharon didn't make peace, Olmert didn't make peace, Arafat didn't make peace, Abbas didn't make peace, Assad senior didn't make peace, Assad junior didn't make peace. If nobody else pulled off the peace making then why single out Bibi & Barak just because they didn't get any deals done with the palestinians or Syria? Peacemaking is not black white whereby the arabs present a list of demands and Israel says you want it you got it. Israel has its own demands and we have to find a middle ground to create a situation nobody likes but both can grudgingly accept. Oslo was never the solution, when we had the chance we should have pushed for a solution that involved Jordan taking parts of Judea & Samaria, Egypt taking Gaza and no palestinian state. For $10-$20 Egypt & Jordan would have gone along with , the PLO would be crushed by Jordan and so the palestinians would have to accept the imposed solution than the 2 state idea that the west only dreamed up because their preferred choice of just about every country in the world ( US included ) was a single state but that was never going to be an option as far as Israel was concerned. Long term a palestinian state in 22% of mandate Palestine will never be viable. Its to small, they have a fast growing population and there is a shortage of natural resources including not enough water. What exactly is it Bibi & Barak are doing which is denying the basic hopes to the UNELECTED middle class social justice movement? We will not return to the days when it was the socialist way or the highway. These tycoons that everybody hates so much what have they done, are they oppressors of some kind and the middle class are their slaves? Fact is the tycoons are the people through good luck and hard work have made it to the very top and real problem is people are jelous .. these guys can spend more in a day on luxuries than most Israelis will earn in a lifetime. These are the people who have most invested in the economy and they are the job creators, drive them out because of envy and they will take their money with them & more business will be outsourced to China and the losers are the middle classes because the tycoons have enough to enjoy the life of luxury anywhere in the world. The social justice demands in reality won't even achieve much in reality anyway because what the government will do is window dressing to hide the fact there is nothing they can do. Tel Aviv is NEVER going to be an affordable place to live. Property markets set their own rates not governments and Tel Aviv will never be cheap. You want to see an end to the settlements than instead of blaming Bibi & Barak you look for the real problem and thats palestinan unwillingness to face reality and the electoral system based on coalitions. Get rid of all single issue parties than means getting rid of everybody from Shas - left wing darling Yair Lapid and replace it with 3 main stream parties only and elections are based on a first past the post system where the winning party runs the country alone for a fixed term, do that you get more stable & mature politics.The palestinians are going to have to also accept the fact that right of return is a dream that will never come true. Bibi & Barak are only this evil pair who are terrible for the country from your point of view whilst right wingers will say they are just what the country needs. There is no right of wrong in politics only opinions.

    from the article: The only Israel boycott that's actually working
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