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    • JOHANES Franzen
    • 11.11.05 | 13:30 (IST)

    An amacable solution to the plight of the destituted refugees. A shared Jerusalem and the wall/fence moved to Israel proper. Anything else would indeed be "naive" to even contemplate as a solution. Peretz knows this and sees the beligerent occupation as an ethnical problem for Israel, he is obviously a man with his heart for the "ordinary man" and as an "Jewish Arab" probably has no hate towards "Muslim Arabs". The rascism in Israel seem to be towards Arabs of any religion by the Ashkenazi Jews. The "ethnical demon" is rather obviously presented when the "white" Jews ridicules the chances for a Mizrahi Jew to lead them out of the quagmire they got Israel into. Well one thing is for sure, the European Jews haven't even tried to be fair or seek a fair solution to the tradgedy of the Palestinians, Palestinians that were in the "land without people for a people without land" and pretty much just in the way for the Zionists out of Europe. Let's hope there is less hate from "Jewish Arabs" towards "Muslim Arabs" than there is from the Ashkenazis towards them. Peretz has at least shown Peres right colours after his "I rather be #2 to Sharon than #2 to Peretz" and at the same time shown that the Labor made the right choice. Peres was never anything but a Sharon lite, hiding behind platitudes fit for head lines and quotes, but not for anything closely resembling a fair solution to any problems. When you read Israeli newspaper and they call it "The New Labor" after Peretz win, one can't but to react to the fact that it is really "The Old Labor" that is back after so many years of walking around in circles in the political desert. "Home is were your heart is" and Labor is back home. Now the 'old' saying "It's the economy stupid" will show Olmert that the Bibi/Sharon budget is dead as a door nail. Peretz will blame Sharon, Sharon will blame Bibi and Bibi will stick to his guns and say that this is the budget needed for a prosperous Israel, for some. Soon Sharon will start to hand out ....hand outs and he will try to steal Peretz agenda of socio-ecomomics and be almost Santa. Why he hasn't done anything, but hurt the weakest sections of society for years, will be hard to explain and what's more -Will anybody believe him? Sharon may look good in the polls today, but deception is a slippery slope. The real danger to another term for Sharon is the "everybody for themselves" attitude among the opposition, a united opposition would be a real threat to more of the war criminals dreams and schemes and sad visions.

    from the article: Analysis / Fold up the road map
    First published 00:00 11.11.05 | Last updated 00:00 11.11.05
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