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    • Chris
    • 03.05.13 | 03:42 (IDT)

    My answer to you would be as follows. Learn the history. It is just the opposite. Jews make themselves the only victims of the war. We, as Poles, were victims of the war, but by the end of the war Polish armies were fighting both on Eastern front and also in Africa having hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Polish pilots constituted 10% of pilots in the battle of Britain. Not many people know that Polish battalion fough on the streets of Berlin. So we dindn't perceive ourselves as victims only. We were actively fighting Germans. Why did you go to Warsaw? To look for Polish roots? To be proud that mayby your ancestors were Poles. I bet any amouth of shekels that you went there to look only for Jewish side of history. I have spent a long time in Israel. I spoke to many, many older Jews from Poland. I found only one person, who has said that she was a Pole. For the rest of them it was like an offence to be called a Pole. So do not be surprised that not many pople in Poland really cary about Jewish history. There is no hatred of Jews. Everybody in Warsaw knows where the Getto was, but it has no greater meaning than the for example cemetary of the Warsaw Uprising fighters, where 200 thousands died. Not Getto Uprising, where about 1500 fightere died, and which was a year earlier. And lets be honest, you are a comlete ignorant about Auschwitz. This concentration camp was established first for Polish political prisoners and later extended to mostly Russian prisoners, and they were the first victims of the mass murders. Only later, when Jews were persecuted in an organized way with the purpose to destroy all the Jews of Europe, Auschwitz became a factory of death mostly for Jews. Many more Jews, like for example Kapos, by the percentage of the population, served Germans as the kind of police (see Polanski's movie "The Pianist"), than Poles. You may not be aware of this logical conclusion, but I will venture to explain to you that sawmills are built where there are forests. Poland had by far the biggest population of Jews in Europe. So, with the German efficiency, where would you like them to build these concentration camps, on Greenland? I have heard this line in Israel. It was as offensive to me then, like it is offensive coming from you now. It always ended - We didn't resist Germans, because they were so powerful and additionally Poles were helping them. If you were in Warsaw, have you tried to count totals taken from monuments of how many Poles were murdered on such small area? And you tell me that Poles cooperated with Germans. And my last question. When were you in Poland, had anybody spat on you? When I was in Jerusalem and walked with the Polish priest, kids were spitting on him and he had to put his rosary in his pocket. So, do not be surprised that we do not put Jewish matters at the top of our interest. We know about them. We are your historical supporters against those who deny Holocoust, but we also want Poles to be recognized for what good they did for Jews.

    from the article: Location of statue commemorating Righteous Gentiles in Warsaw sparks dispute
    First published 01:03 02.05.13 | Last updated 19:03 01.05.13
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