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Palestinian women look at the shattered remains of a building complex in Beit Hanun, Gaza Strip.
UN wants international observers to monitor rebuilding work in Gaza

Mideast envoy Robert Serry is liaising with PA and Israel to bring between 250 and 500 UN monitors into the Strip to supervise rebuilding work, safeguard materials. Hamas has yet to comment on proposal.

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Postal workers' rally in Jerusalem. September 9, 2014.
Israelis are afraid that the two-state solution is already here

Behind the 'Start-Up Nation' headlines of national success there is another nation, a growing underclass of poorly-paid, ill-educated Israelis who rightly fear the future.

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Stop mixing the Holocaust with Gaza

We must push back against the stifling overuse of Holocaust analogies which polarize and diminish real debate on the conflict.

Podcast / Land of the setting sun

Guy Sharett takes us through the root of the word erev ('evening'), and explains what it's got to do with 'the West.'