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    • 06.03.11 | 11:35 (IST)

    is a memory of the blood laden streets of Tel Aviv, strewn with the bodies and limbs of dead women and children. The bombings seemed endless. Now there is a fence, a grotesque monstrosity but it serves a purpose. We look upon these pornographic images no more and from an Israeli point of view, that can't be bad. However, I have always respected this man. This man has soul as do many of those who are currently boycotting Israel. From where we sit, in our armchairs the Palestinians are the underdogs and people who believe in Human rights always support the underdog especially since so many Palestinians have lost, and continue to lose their homes and their lives. I have no answers, but ceasing the Settler enterprise, sending these Americans and Eastern Europeans back either into Israel or home would at least be a starting point and a basis for peace talks. Waters will not achieve his aim since the return of millions of Palestinians back into Israel is a non starter since it would signal the end of Israel, the homeland of the Jews. Waters seems to forget this. He seems to forget why the state of Israel was so important for our race to find peace, in their own land. The peace that Waters has always known. He is anti war. I respect him for this, but it a luxury Israelis cannot afford to feel because a "Hudna" is not Peace and they need Peace. Aren't they going about it the wrong way, you may well ask. Most definitely. Israel is lost, but they can't see it. That which gives them the strength to live continuously at war with their neighbors is also their weakness because they cannot empathize with the downcast and forlorn in the Palestinian nation. So I guess I am, like so many Jews, conflicted. I love the idea of Israel but I detest their policies and their ideals. Trouble is, I see Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Burma, Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, East Timor, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Indonesia and I wonder, What makes the Palestinian so different? Isn't the end game the demise of Israel? Sure, but Waters doesn't think ahead and if he did he would also be going round in a circle, like so many of us in the Diaspora. In the end we have to listen to our hearts and my heart is heavy, but I can't help feeling that what Israel is doing is wrong. Finally, there are two things for which I will never forgive Israel, I don't care what anyone else does but I cannot understand why she used Cluster bombs in Lebanon and Phosphorous in Gaza. I will never understand this and that saddens me more than anything.

    from the article: Roger Waters voices support for Israel boycott
    First published 10:13 06.03.11 | Last updated 10:13 06.03.11
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