My American apology to Saeb Erakat and his people. - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • 10.01.10 | 00:30 (IST)

    Hello Mr. Saeb Erekat, I have admired your relentless call to Israeli officials over the yrs to abide by international law and hault their illegal expansion of settle- ment in the Palestinian territories and withdraw their forces to the 1967 Green Line. This has always been the position of American officials and all the US presidents dating back to the Eisenhower Administration as Jimmy Carter notes below. Hence it is a sad commentary today to hear the US Secretary of State side step this position in an effort to appease the outlaw regime in the Israeli establishment and its settler population Believe me this isn't the position of the American peoples either as many have asked that those conditions be backed with the withhold- ing of US aid esp. following the events in Gaza in 2009 and its officials ongoing criminal blockade of the Gaza Strip. Thus many share your disappointment & rejection of the Secretary's call and urge her not to deviate from the US position Dutch ?For more than a quarter century, Israeli policy has been in con- flict with that of the United States and the international community. Israel's occupation of Palestine has obstructed a comprehensive peace agreement in the Holy Land, regardless of whether Pale- stinians had no formalised government, one headed by Yasser Arafat or Mahmoud Abbas, or with Abbas as president and Ham- as controlling the parliament and cabinet. The unwavering U.S. position since Dwight Eisenhower's ad- ministration has been that Israel's borders coincide with those established in 1949, and, since 1967, the universally adopted UN Resolution 242 has mandated Israel's withdrawal from the occupied territories. This policy was reconfirmed even by Israel in 1978 and 1993, and emphasised by all American presidents, including George W. Bush. As part of the quartet, including Rus sia, the UN, and the European Union, he has endorsed a "Road Map" for peace.?

    from the article: Israel: Palestinians to blame for stalled peace talks
    First published 21:50 08.01.10 | Last updated 20:28 19.01.10
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