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    • Jeremy Slavin
    • 20.05.05 | 19:50 (IDT)

    I couldn't agree with Bradley Burston's assessment of the situation more. Israel has needed to mature as a state and society for much too long, and much time has been lost in turning Israel into the kind of Jewish state it has all the potential in the world to be. And for those who, continually, on these forums accuse of being racist whoever writes of support for Israel as a Jewish state...that's what Israel is. This is an Israeli newspaper, an Israeli website. There are plenty of Palestinian sites calling for both reconciliation with and others for the destruction of Israel. Why don't the Palestinians look at themselves, stop blaming Israel/the Jews for all their problems and start taking some responsibility for their own situation? Whoever this Khalid long as Palestinian preachers exhort their listeners to kill Jews, comparing them to monkeys, enemies of God, and the scum of the Earth, as long as Palestinian children sing songs in school (which are broadcast on CNN) about killing Jews, as long as Muslim religious "scholars" of the Palestinian Arabs and wider Arab world deny the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel (which has lasted longer and is more genuine than the Palestinian "longing" for the still as-yet-to-exist very first state of Palestine in what is only called by them Palestine because the Romans renamed the land as such after a JEWISH rebellion thousands of years ago) long as all of the above continues, it is the Palestinians more than Israeli Jews who need to look inward at their inherent racism at the same time as the Jewish state - a responsible member of the world community - decides where it's future will lead it. Israel is not an "Arafatocracy" as the Palestinian Authority once was and struggles to extricate itself from. The Palestinians aren't the crux of the matter. What is the crux of the matter is that after 2,000 years of dispersion and exile (as opposed to the mere 60 years for the Arabs of the former Palestine Mandate, many of whom left willingly and others who left because a war that Israel never wanted but was launched by Arabs) we Jews have a state to call our own again and for too long we've just been drifting on the river without being able to resolve many of the issues that need to be resolved now that we have our homeland again. There is only one Jewish state, as opposed to the Arabs 21 or 22 states - of which a Palestinian state would be just another Arab state. To ask us to sympathize with and respect you at the same time that you do not sympathize with and respect us is a hypocrisy of the worst kind, Khalid. You deny the right of Jews to rule themselves, but support the right of Arabs to rule themselves. You tell us to care about you, yet you would rather us not be here in the first place. Is that not inherently racist? Bravo, Mr. Burston, for saying the things that need to be said. I agree with you heartily.

    from the article: Something for everyone - to hate
    First published 00:00 20.05.05 | Last updated 00:00 20.05.05
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