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    • Ryan
    • 02.11.12 | 16:30 (IST)

    You can't write an article and disregard half the facts! Obama has been one of the worst president's for Israel in American history! 1) He helped oust Hosni Mubarak, a friend to the US and someone that honoured the Egyptian peace treaty with Israel in favour of an islamist government that can't control its own people and that worries everyone. 2) He is doing nothing to help oust Bashar Assad who is killing tons of his own people and is becoming a threat to Israel. 3) His stance on Iran is not nearly firm enough... I understand that the US and Israel have completely different time frames regarding an attack on Iran, but even if Obama were to create red lines for Iran, or if he were to make a CLEAR mobilization of troops, not these minor moves by moving one aircraft carrier around every so often, I think Iran's stance would probably change. Instead, the Iranian economy is destroyed and their government is still progressing towards a nuclear weapon. 4) Anyone remember his "I have to deal with him every day" comment regarding netanyahu? Or his snubbing of Netanyahu in New York in favour of a dinner with Beyonce and Jay-Z? Or his hostile interactions with Netanyahu during his visit, in which his staff didn't provide kosher food, and he refused to have dinner with the Israeli's so he could eat with his kids?? 5) His handling of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been terrible... forcing an Israeli settlement freeze is one thing, but instead of forcing the palestinians to make a subsequent concession, he forced Israel to make another in declaring that the 67 borders are a starting point for negotiations! This has deprived Israel of one of its biggest bargaining chips at the negotiating table. Now israel is expected to start negotiations with that as a premise and give up even more. He failed to learn the lesson from Bill Clinton that the Palestinians aren't interested in peace. Clinton Olmert and Arafat had a peace treaty all ready to go, with massive Israeli concessions including the 67 borders, but Arafat started an intifada instead. Mitt Romney recognizes that the Palestinians aren't interested in peace and takes a hardline stance because of that. He says that if they want peace, they'll have to do it on Israel's terms.

    from the article: Obama is good for Israel
    First published 04:21 02.11.12 | Last updated 04:21 02.11.12
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