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    • Jennifer Areqa Pollard of Ireland
    • 11.02.13 | 18:53 (IST)

    There is no risk in the weapons Syria have that would threaten the IAF. The Pantsirs altitude is rather LOW! The other weapons Syria have, whether Yakhonts or E-skanders, would nowhere NEAR amount to the destructiveness what HazBollah achieved in 2006. These attempts to monsterfy Syria's warfare abilities are used by israeli media to cover the IDF's and IAF's fear of Iran which prevent them from striking Syria. Reality is that if israel was to war against Syria Syria would not last a week. Have they ever?? If israel was really serious about getting rid of the Syrian-HazBollah problem they wouldn't focus on Palestinians whom israeli shepherds put to flight rather easily with AR-15s and sheepdogs. If the IAF/IDF were really serious they'd upgrade the THEL system, train for amphibious assault & overthrow of Syria Lebanon together. Most israelis KNOW that the matter of conflict between Lebanon & Syria is being used to exploite for political gains. This is why support for Benjamin Netanyahu has dwindled. Applying logic to the reasonal tensions between Israel against HazBollah, Syria & Iran shows that Iran would be the toughest while Syria would be the easiest. Yet, why does the problem linger? Because tthe MOSSAD/IDF want US supplied weapons as TOYS while they want the USAF to do the actual fighting. In the meanwhile letting Syria and HazBollah get stronger. What would be the ideal strategy had israel had a serious nation that want to remove Bashar Assad and Hassan NasRallah? Easy, the many opportunites for assassination that have been overlooked due to IDF/MOSSAD incompetence. Damascus is only 55 miles from Beirut but 15 miles from the Lebanese-Syrian border. Rather than the IDF/MOSSAD being TOO fearful to strike Syria due to their Iranian ties they rely on the FSA to achieve some miracle against Bashar Assad. IAF fly over Lebanon as freely as they want anyway. IAF could have located Assad's location in Damascus and dispatched fighter equiped with 5 ATGMs apiece to fire AGM-119 Penguin Anti-Ship Missile or AGM-88A HARM at his location and he wouldn't be ALIVE to retaliate. Yet, why hasn't this happened? The incompetence of the IDF/ MOSSAD any imagined fighting ability of Syria. This is the same as with HazBollah. In the next war against HazBollah the IDF CAN defeat them though it'll cost lives. It will require the IDF to push them north from their weapons warehouses which are in the south. Thermobaric bombs work well against guerilla fighters also.

    from the article: The advanced Syrian weapons that have the IDF worried
    First published 07:19 31.01.13 | Last updated 01:19 31.01.13
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