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    • Re Israel
    • 06.07.12 | 05:59 (IDT)

    If Jews go to the Temple Mount and start talking about building a new Temple, without making it clear that Muslims' Mosque and Dome of the Rock will still be protected, isn't that just likely to result in Muslim apprehensions, and stir up trouble? Also, should not Muslims, who are reportedly undertaking excavations under the Dome of the Rock, (though there was another news report that it was Jews doing the excavations) consult with Jews about it? Why not, sometime, arrange in a spirit of friendship, a discussion between Jewish and Muslim religious leaders in Israel about Jews wanting to build a new Temple, and where would be the best site? Perhaps Muslims might even suggest donating a piece of the precincts - the quite large area of land around their Mosque/Dome of the Rock, which is situated on Judaism's holiest site on the Temple Mount, and to which Muslims' Koran, Sura 17:1, is believed to refer to: On a mystic night journey Muhammad ‘upon a heavenly steed’ (Pickthall relates), was carried to the Jerusalem Temple, ‘the seat of the earlier [Jewish] revelations………and then taken through the seven heavens’ (Yusuf Ali relates), ‘to the very presence of God’ (Pickthall), ‘and initiated into the spiritual mysteries of the human soul struggling in Space and Time’ (Yusuf Ali, who continues: ‘The Spaniard, Miguel Asin, Arabic Professor in the University of Madrid, has shown that this Mi'raj literature had a great influence on the Mediaeval literature of Europe, and especially on the great Italian poem, the Divine Comedy (or drama) of Dante...’). Also, then, on the English poet, Milton's, Paradise Lost? It was probably following his mystic night journey to Jerusalem, that Muhammad then changed the quibla from Jerusalem to Mecca, acknowledging that the ancient tradition of Judaism was centered in Jerusalem, in accordance with the Biblical Covenant with Israel, and Mecca became the center of Islam. And in the Koran, Muslims, Christians, and Jews, for example, were recognized as of separate religions, yet all ‘People of the Book’ with a shared basic faith. I earlier commented how shocking it was that eg, a Jew walking in the Temple Mount area should have been told by a Muslim administrator to remove his kippah. There should be friendly relations between Jews, Muslims, and all religions in Israel, and with all people promoting peace and taking care not to cause apprehensions. NOTES: Unfortunately, I've been unable to read the article as I have not subscribed to Haaretz. I submitted my comment (as is above) to another publication and since then I notice that commenting (reading & submitting comments) is blocked. I wonder whether there is a malfunction of "Disqus" or whether some intelligence agency (it seems my computer has been hacked into, in any case - I do a lot of political comments), considers my comments are too conciliatory - peace oriented. Perhaps some people, despite overtly seeming to support Jewish-Muslim peace in Israel, would actually like Jews in Israel to adopt a "winner takes all" approach for some reason. That certainly seems to be the stance of many published comments I read (prior to the malfunctioning of Disqus) re a new Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. While I support Israel being the Jewish State - because Jews, like every other peoples need the right to self-determination in the national homeland, and Israel is situated on the site of ancient Israel where there has been a continuous Jewish residency, varying in size depending on how many Jews were massacred or fled persecution, and Israel still needs to be the eternal Jewish safehaven - I think the Jewish and/orJudaism-based democratic State of Israel can still support Muslim and other minorities' religious interests, and protect all their rights. I wonder what Haaretz thinks of my main (above) comment. Doesn't it seem fair?

    from the article: Messianic sect allows peek into battle to build third Temple
    First published 04:16 03.07.12 | Last updated 04:16 03.07.12
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