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    • Roo
    • 11.10.09 | 20:44 (IST)

    "I have been advocating a strike against the Iranian government`s nuclear programme - NOT against the Iranian people," If Israel wants to take out all facilities capable of developing and processing nuclear material it has to cause massive civilian casualties. Judging by Lebanon 2006 and Gaza 2008, this will not deter Israel, even if Morris gets mildly concerned. Perhaps Morris might avail himself of some of the best analysis on this subject available rather than invent impossible scenarios before tea time of Israel being able to halt the Iranian nuclear prog' whilst avoiding large civilian casualties. According to Cordesman [world renowned military strategist]and Pedatzur, [Reuven Pedatzur, a lecturer in political science at Tel Aviv University and Director of the Galili Center for Strategy and National Security and also an IAF pilot in the reserves]the chance of success [defined as destroying or delaying by 1-3 years Irans securing a nuclear weapon] is not high enough to warrant the risk in pursuing an attack. Try elevating yourself from armchair general and you might understand why Israel is making pains to downplay the military option of late. Now, on your belated efforts to deal with the obvious reality that Barak knew full well of the Qom facility well before September 2009 you come up with a Times article which incidentally supports the point I and every major news outlet has been making this last week or so: 2nd paragraph in your Times story reads: "Yesterday?s revelations about Irans secret uranium enrichment facility at Qom came after three years of intensive investigation and surveillance by the most trusted of America?s intelligence allies: Britain, France and ISRAEL" Get that? ISRAEL. Of whom Barak is the defence minister. Here is a further example from the CIAs own director, OK? "The CIA was aware of Iran's 'secret' nuclear plant in Qom already in 2006, and European and Israeli intelligence agencies were involved in compiling a presentation on the facility to the UN's nuclear watchdog, the US intelligence agency's director, Leon Panetta, revealed in an interview with Time magazine published overnight Wednesday. " Now you should do yourself a favour and read the Cordesman study and Podatzurs comments on the same.

    from the article: Obama is worthy of Nobel, he has changed the world
    First published 01:16 11.10.09 | Last updated 16:36 11.10.09
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