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    • Dutch
    • 06.11.05 | 19:21 (IST)

    What a shameful system of psychological warfare the Israeli government continues to perpetrate against the defenseless people of Gaza with their sonic booms reprisals. Now the IAF is spreading widespread horror in the skies at night and terrorizing local residents out of their sleep and shattering glass in the windows. How shocking!! Once again, the Israeli government claims this measure is helping to stop Palestinian terror at the expense of American tax payers and donor countries around the world. But I feel this just another measure by the Israeli Defense Ministry to inflict Psychological suffering on the defenseless population of Gaza and another criminal misuse of International aid to promote its masochistic will on the Palestinian population. For years, the Israelis Occupation Forces have trapped Gazans behind barbed wire and checkpoints like an animals: demolished their homes and heartlessly left them stranded on the street; killed their economy with their gross restrictions in travel; massive reduction in work permits and arbitrary delays and curfews (who wants to buy flowers and fruit that wilts and spoils behind checkpoints?); and starved a defenseless population half to death by forcing almost 60% of them to live on less than $2 a day (per World Bank); and one meal a day per Johns Hopkins University and Al Quds universities report. Shame on them! Now the Israelis have built a barrier in defiance of International law which has presented terrible hardships for Palestinians living on either side barrier and has made ordinary next to impossible. Dr. Derek Summers writing in the British Journal of Medicine last October said the barrier has destroyed the coherence of the Palestinian health care system that has been responsible for many unnecessary deaths and it has made follow-up care impossible at a critical point in time. It is high time we all denounced these cruel and abusive actions by the Israeli government. They are not stopping terror but promoting terror. Thus, we have a responsibility to withhold our countries aid to Israel and charge the offenders of war crimes at the Hague. Dutch

    from the article: Demons in the skies of the Gaza Strip
    First published 00:00 06.11.05 | Last updated 00:00 06.11.05
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