Miss out on what? Why not just face it - instead of accusing the Palestinians of holding out - there really is NO indication of any honest intentions forthcoming from Netanyahu, other than his empty rhetoric. - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • WeCan2
    • 30.07.10 | 09:16 (IDT)

    A commitment to peace negotiations and a viable Palestinian state? Sweet talk that pleases the international community, and the Obama administration, and buys him time. Meanwhile almost everything he and his coalition are doing indicates a concerted effort to undermine the prospects of his rhetoric with facts on the ground and provocation - continued building of settlement infrastructure, rights violations, crackdowns on peaceful demonstrations, harassment of activists, continuing illicit land acquistion, forceful expulsion from the WB of Palestinians without an "Israeli" issued ID, preventing those living/studying/working abroad from returning...and the list goes on. Yes indeed, the Palestinians hear his words...but they can also SEE - first hand - what's transpiring. One thing to attempt to fool the international community - quite another to fool those who 'experience' the realities of behind the facade. And a 10 month(partial), building freeze in the settlements(conveniently timed to expire just before the November elections in the U.S.), the announcement of which included the declaration of their full resumption once it expires? Sounds more like a temporary appeasement meant to buy time, if you ask me. It's nothing but a 'come on' to enter negotiations that Netanyahu has NO intention of allowing to bear fruition for the Palestinians. Do you really expect the them NOT to see through something as transparent as this? So why not a complete and indefinite freeze with their resumption pending(and dependent upon), the outcome of negotiations?(the answer is obvious). They're holding out for more? More of WHAT? The same old Israeli crap they've been fed for decades? No doubt they've grown tired of its taste. They've gotten NOTHING from Bibi except a hastily devised facade of words with absolutely nothing to suggest they're of any substance. If Bibi WAS committed like he 'claims', so much of what is going on wouldn't be, and so much of what ISN'T would be - and the bottom line is that if his commitment was 'real', there'd be no problem with picking up negotiations from where they left off with Olmert.

    from the article: Will they miss again?
    First published 03:02 30.07.10 | Last updated 03:02 30.07.10
Haaretz Headlines
Palestinians say talks frozen with Israel over reducing IDF presence in West Bank cities

PLO's Saeb Erekat says talks have ground to a halt due to Israel's rejection of Palestinian requests to resume full security duties in Area A.

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Taylor Force, the U.S. citizen killed on the March 9, 2015 terror attack in Jaffa.
Israeli police arrest East Jerusalem man suspected of aiding murder of U.S. tourist Taylor Force

The 30-year-old man is suspected of manslaughter, conspiracy and transporting terrorist who killed student Taylor Force in March.

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Sign protesting separation of Arabs and Jews, near Meir Hospital.
Kfar Sava to remove sign against Arab-Jewish separation in maternity wards

Municipality deems sign near Meir Hospital, erected by activists, 'offensive.' Physician: There is racism among the staff.'

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Child sex abuse protest.
Orthodox activists, victims lobby N.Y. to change child sex abuse laws

Advocates for ultra-Orthodox victims say cultural prohibitions against reporting abuse to police remain strong in their communities, where extended families are often large and influential, and relationships are tightly knit.

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