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    • Gilad
    • 06.05.10 | 12:13 (IDT)

    Human Rights is a subjective term! Peace organisations, ones who claim to represent human rights in the UK are often indicated by communist and Islamic orgs. You only need to look at the origins of not in my name and stop the war coalition to see their true origins. So do these communist and Islamic groups really represent human rights? Where were they when thousands of bombs fell PURELY on Israeli civilians? Nowhere. But they were out in force over The Jenin Massacre that never happened. Today peace groups and human rights groups goes hand in hand with anti-western political ideology. These groups barely lift fingers to take down Cuba, Iran, North Korea and EVEN SUDAN where over 300K have been slaughtered. At most they write condemnations, at least they do nothing. Where are Human Rights there? Yet on Israel we have countless 'human rights' reports (literally countless by today), many based on local 'eyewitness reports' with no factual basis as well as unexpert opinion of the writers (such as the beach incident where HRW 'ballistics' experts were no experts at all and thus reached whatever conclusion desired!). This is the true face of todays 'human rights'. Have a look at UN Watch, who have campaigned for review of many human rights abuses ignored by the UN human rights commission and sometimes even by human rights orgs. This is what Israel fears. The politicized yet still believed to be trustworthy (in the west) human rights orgs. They are political and bias, they use flimsy evidence and they place very very illogical focuses on the more 'popular' conflicts than on true world-wide human rights. If you think that countries should not fear this, then I disagree with you, but I hope that, when faced with the actual nature of many of these orgs, that you will understand Israel's fear better. Anyway Clegg wanted to dump the pound (leaving the UK like greece!), give up the UK's judicial independence, claims to have lots of money by abandoning trident (saying he'll take an alternative, but having no evidence to offer any cost-saving) and allow about 600,000 more immigrants and immediately grant them full rights to the UK welfare system. This is crazy in my opinion. Being a good speaker has got him far, but upon close inspection his views are actually very radical and not in line at all with mainstream British values and opinions.

    from the article: Nick Clegg to Haaretz: I admire Israel, but won't stop criticizing its government
    First published 23:44 05.05.10 | Last updated 23:44 05.05.10
Haaretz Headlines
A protester waving a Palestinian flag shouts at an Orthodox Jewish man in Sheikh Jarrah
Israel objects to building school in East Jerusalem, says it would endanger nearby police station

School in Sheikh Jarrah 'could constitute a threat to the facility and its combatants,' state says. NGO: 'The government has found a new excuse to prevent building schools in East Jerusalem.'

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A barbed wire fence at the former Nazi concentration camp Mauthausen.

Survivors dismayed after Austrian official justifies calling Nazi camp inmates 'a plague'

An Austrian prosecutor's statement says it was justifiable for far-right magazine to call people who were liberated from Mauthausen a 'criminal plague.'

Stormy weather in Tel Aviv this week.
Unseasonal winter heatwave expected in Israel next week

Temperatures in the center of the country and along the coast could reach 30 degrees, or even higher, and last for several days.

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Netanyahu climbing out of the Rahav, the 5th submarine in the Israel Navy's fleet

Netanyahu trades Israel's democracy for a shtetl with German submarines

Tossing Arab MKs out of Knesset was a new low in Netanyahu's assault on democracy, but de facto, Israel is already an ex-'Jewish democratic' state.