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    • A raped citizen of Israel
    • 07.12.11 | 09:53 (IST)

    How many known women did Moshe Katsav rape? seven women had testified against Katsav and the allegations included "breach of trust, fraud, and involvement in illegal wiretapping."[19] On September 18, Israel's Attorney General,Menachem Mazuz, stated that the likelihood of Katsav being the victim of a plot was "fairly slim." [20][21] By 21 September, the number of complaints rose to eight.[22] On 15 October 2006, police said the complaints of five of the women would not be pursued because the statute of limitations had run out Moshe Katsav convicted of rape, faces long jail term By RON FRIEDMAN 12/31/2010 01:04 Court overwhelmingly accepts complainants’ testimony, calls defendant a bully, a liar and a repeat sexual predator. “The court’s decision to convict Katsav on a majority of the offences charged against him in the indictment shows that it accepted the claims of the prosecution and rejected Katsav’s claims that he was being framed and unjustly persecuted,” Mazuz said. “The verdict given by the court sends an important message that a woman’s body and dignity is not forfeitable and that the law on these matters will be strictly enforced, without prejudice, against criminals and dignitaries alike, no matter how lofty their position.” .. If he were given the maximum consecutive sentence for every one of the offenses, Katsav would face 49 years in prison.. Ronit Amiel, the lead prosecutor in the case, said the convictions represented a “badge of honor” for Israel, even though it was a very difficult day for the state. “The court convicted a man who was president of Israel and a cabinet minister, on some of the most serious offenses in the law books,” she said on leaving the courthouse. “This is not an easy day for Israel in the symbolic sense, nor for Mr. Katsav in a personal sense, but today teaches us that even presidents and world leaders, when necessary, will stand before the court, and that is a badge of honor for the State of Israel.” In a message to Katsav’s victims, Amiel said, “The public treats you like letters, void of a name and identity. We saw you cope bravely throughout the criminal proceedings and today we salute you.” State Attorney Moshe Lador, speaking at a press conference at the Justice Ministry offices in Jerusalem, called it “a difficult day for the State of Israel. But we can see a ray of light – that this process showed that in Israel all citizens are equal before the law and no one can buy immunity from the law, no matter who they are.” Barak, Gantz Joke About Female Soldiers Singing Barak: "Who are these girls? From the battalion? The brigade? The division? Gantz: "They sing on breaks." Barak: "There is Dana from the Minister's office. She can sing without a uniform. It would be better."

    from the article: Katsav ahead of prison sentence: Today Israel is executing an innocent man
    First published 09:30 07.12.11 | Last updated 09:30 07.12.11
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