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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the weekly cabinet meeting on June 28, 2015
Netanyahu prepares to fight world over Iran deal

With communications between Washington and Jerusalem all but severed, Netanyahu is hedging his bets and preparing to fight Obama on Capitol Hill once a nuclear deal is announced.

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Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif with EU's Federica Mogherini as they meet with P+5 foreign ministers.

Iran demands an end to arms sales ban,

Nuclear talks with Iran likely to go beyond Tuesday night deadline as sides try to leverage positions.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Secretary of State John Kerry. 2014

Has the world turned against Israel over Gaza?

SPECIAL MULTIMEDIA PROJECT: After the 2014 war, Israel’s international credit is depleted and public opinion has turned hostile.

Morning after Greek referendum

An Israeli socialist defends the Greeks' choice

The rule of the people, or of capital? This is the great question of our time. Greece this week gave its answer.