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Obama: Netanyahu didn't offer viable alternatives

Pelosi: Saddened by insult to intelligence of U.S.; Israel's opposition leader Herzog: While Netanyahu knows how to deliver a speech, he didn't halt a nuclear agreement.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to Congress on March 3, 2015.
Congress gave Netanyahu right to veto American policy

If Netanyahu succeeds in foiling an accord and attacks Iran's nuclear installations, who will bear the responsibility for the destruction wreaked by this armed confrontation?

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Islamic State group militants.
In Iraq there’s a Shi’ite militia for everybody

At least four such forces will help try to liberate Mosul from ISIS. Too bad the army can't do the job alone without interference from Iran.

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Love that opens the soul: A new look at Chagall

When the granddaughter of Marc Chagall fell in love for the first time, he said: 'Now you can understand my paintings better.'