Look who's talking, the procrastinator -in-chief and his clueless negotiating partner. - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • MIKE
    • 14.05.11 | 20:08 (IDT)

    Neither of these guys has a clue as to how to settle the Middle East conflict. Why? Because it's a LEGAL issue, not a political of diplomatic one. We will recall that the United Nations created Israel as a refuge for Jews who survived the Holocaust which was inflicted upon them by the Germans. In fact, when you come right down to it, it was the Germans who caused this Middle East problem in the first place. If the Germans had not done to the Jews what they did, would there be an Israel today? Probably not. As with other ethnic groups in Europe, if the Jews had been unmolested most of them would have stayed right there in Europe though many would have immigrated to America and other places. However, the Holocaust did occur. So, at the conclusion of hostilities, it made sense to resettle homeless Jews in their historic homeland where there was already a substantia­l Jewish presence. Unfortunat­ely the UN, on behalf of the World Community, did not completely think this through in that their plan, designed to help homeless, persecuted Jews, wound up hurting Palestinia­n Arabs. What now makes sense and is fair is for the UN to invoke something like the Doctrine of Eminent Domain where people whose property was taken are awarded Just Compensati­on in exchange for a Release of Claims. At the same time we need to draw some sensible borders that enable the Palestinia­ns to establish a state. Right now, the UN should establish a Middle East Compensation Commission where everybody who lost property as a result of the UN's creation of Israel, Arabs and Jews alike, can come, present their claims, sign a Release and walk away with a check. That would be fair. As far as the settlers go, they should be permitted to stay where they are. If, when borders are drawn, they find themselves in Palestine they'll be Palestinia­n citizens. Jewish Palestinia­ns. Israel has Arabs. Palestine can have Jews. It's the same thing. The fact is, once the settlers are presented with this choice, most of them will leave voluntaril­y. If some zealots chose to stay and become citizens of Palestine let them.

    from the article: Palestinians made your peace efforts difficult, Netanyahu tells Mitchell
    First published 19:11 14.05.11 | Last updated 19:11 14.05.11
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