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    • zionist forever
    • 22.06.11 | 22:12 (IDT)

    If Natanyahu ditches his coalition who is he going to replace it with? Livni has refused to join him 3 times now when he offered her the choice of joining a national unity government but thanks to her ego because she is bitter she didn't win the election and because she wants to go into the next election with her whiter than white image intact ( stay out the coalition there are problems you can't be blamed for it ) so she just doesn't want to join a unity government. Assuming Livni wanted to join Bibi he can't just give up all his right wing partners because he is head of a right wing party he is not going to play junior partner in a coalition with Labor and Kadima. Its also a fact that all the polls show that if there was an election tomorrow Bibi would win it with an increased majority. As for Abbas going to the UN in September, whatever he says now about a desire for negotiation he he has suddenly found its a fact he ruled out negotiation years ago which is why he has been making condition after condition if there are even going to be talks held. Talks are supposed to be about negotiating concessions not give me the prize in advance and then I will talk to you. Unless Bibi agrees to every single demand Abbas makes then he will go to the UN, that is inevitable and we will probably experience another intifada and it will be the nail in the coffin for the idea of ever creating a viable palestinian state, He did not take advantage of Obama's situation to end the settlement freeze, the settlement freeze was his own initiative and its Abbas that rejected it. Abbas had been refusing to talk from day 1 so to entice him into talks Bibi offered 10 month freeae. For the first 9 months Abbas just made new demands for talks, a freeze was not enough so there were no talks. In the final month officially he agreed to talk but not much got talked about and then when the freeze came to an end Abbas walked away again. Bibi said if Abbas recognized Israel as a Jewish state he could probably convince his cabinet to go along with another freeze, even PJ Crowley who is not famed for his love of Israel advised Abbas to go along with it but as usual Abbas said no. Obama later offered Bibi fighter jets and other things in exchange for a freeze, Bibi and even the religious parties and Liberman agreed it was an offer to good ti turn down, the only condition was Obama put it in writing. Suddenly Obama did a u turn and said no I never promised jets I just said Israel could buy some if it wanted with its own money and I never promised all those other things ... the result what little trust we did have in Obama was down the toilet because we realized that we cant do deals with him and trust him to keep up his end of the bargin. Its also a fact that even if we all sat down and started talking tomorrow there is no way we could reach an agreement by Septemeber even if Bibi's coalition was was with Meretz and the arab parties. we are now in the third week of June that would leave just 3 months to reach an agreement on everything ... it would take longer than that to agree on where the talks should take place. Its also a fact that any deals Abbas did make he wouldn't be able to honour. The mans term as president officially ended 2 years ago so he no longer has any authority to make deals and its also a fact that Hamas and a large part of Fatah don't even want talks, they want to go down the UN route and so Abbas has to many pressures of his own to realistically hold negotiation. Obama & the Europeans want to hear him say he wants negotiations so thats what he says to keep them happy but he makes excuses to avoid talks and when September comes along he will go to the UN. The General Assembly will give him a theoretical state, Obama is in an election campaign so when the UN has to go to the Security Council to make it official he will have no choice but to veto it. The result will be all his muslim outreach work he has spent his entire presidency working on will be up in smoke and amongst the arabs he will loose any credibility he has. He will go from being darling of the arab world to being the great saten... if Obama hadn't already proven himself to be an enemy of Israel it might be possible to feel sorry for him. The left are looking for a magic bullet that does not exist and the problem stretches way beyond Bibi's coalition partners.

    from the article: Netanyahu must ditch his madly right-leaning coalition
    First published 01:30 22.06.11 | Last updated 01:30 22.06.11
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