Livni had an ego but not enough experience Lapid he is just a celebrity with less experience of life or politics than Livni - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 02.05.12 | 09:21 (IDT)

    Livni's problem was she was had an ego and she put her own career above her duty as leader of the opposition. When she first inherited Olmert's crown she had to hold an election because she couldn't get a coalition and campaigning as being whiter than white because she had been very good rubbing her own failings off on Olmert. The trick worked and Kadima won 28-27 seats to Likud but Peres appointed Bibi to be PM because he had a better chance of forming a working coalition which was a big dent to Livni's ego. After that instead of acting as leader of the opposition she decided to focus on the next election, she wanted to go into the next election with her whiter than white image intact and so that meant keeping a low profile so there is no dirt to stick to her and as a result Kadima lost confidence in her. Then when the party held primaries and not only did Mofaz win but he won big and that was just one blow to Livni's ego to many so she quit Kadima. Yair Lapid he has nothing but his celebrity status. He has no policies, everybody is now talking about drafting the haredi its not his idea he is though going to make the main issue in his campaign haredi bashing because thats pretty much all he stands for. The fact he is willing to join any government is because he leads just another single issue party like we have so many of in this country. His party exists for the sole purpose of joining coalitions. Lapid is all image and if he wasn't the famous tv celebrity Yair Lapid he wouldn't be where he is now. As a result of our stupid system Yair Lapid is going to enter the Knesset as a total rookie but in order to form a coalition then he will be invited to form a coalition and in exchange this rookie is going to be made a very senior government minister. The worst part about losing Livni & gaining Lapid is he is not as qualified as she was. Livni served in the IDF & worked with Mossad, she was a lawyer and she had held a number of junior cabinet postings under Sharon and under Olmert Foreign minister. Yair Lapid, in the IDF this hero was a journalist, after the IDF - now the only careers he has had have been in journalism & tv presenting. Lapid has not had any politicial experience but he is expected to lead one of the largest parties just because he is Yair Lapid. If this had been any other country Lapid would not have formed his own party to split the vote instead he would have joined one of the existing mainstream parties and slowly worked his way through the ranks. On the plus side today he is the new kid on the block that everybody knows from the tv, next election he will be judged as an MK and his track record and probably get 3-4 seats at best. The Livni / Lapid story only exists because we have a failed political system which breeds corruption, bad government and stale policies ... applies to the left & right alike and if we want to see real change in Israel for the better we need to get rid of the idea of coalition government.

    from the article: Lapid and Livni: Israel's rising and falling stars
    First published 01:02 02.05.12 | Last updated 01:02 02.05.12
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