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    • Zardos
    • 26.08.06 | 13:50 (IDT)

    You initiated a response #41 which was dubious in its selective editing of my post to you #40. You follow this with a steadfast claim that "Zardos, you made no points"!? Hmmm, really! The points made in #50 are to be ignored! Aw shucks! To summise "my points", Lincoln. Iraq scored a military victory of sorts, in that Iraq decimated the Iranian military and finished the war far stronger than Iran and in possession of Iranian territory but did not achieve the geographic and political goals it set out to, thus Iraq can not claim any real victory themselves. Iraq started the conflict quite well. Iran meanwhile having fared much better than expected following initial Iraqi successes and during1980-82 actually repulsed the Iraqi army and fought the enemy in Iraqi territory itself for a period. At this point, Iraq offered a cessation of hostilities in (1982). Had Iran accepted the Iraqi offer they could indeed have claimed a famous and unexpected victory. However the Iranians crucially now embarked on a war of choice. Recent declassified US intelligence (available in national security archives) available explores both the domestic and foreign implications of Iran's apparent (in 1982) victory over Iraq in their then two-year old war. Iran especially had the opportunity to cut off Iraq from the Persian Gulf at the Al-Faw Peninsula and win the war in the late stages of the conflict. Iran's insistence from July 1982 onward to destroy the Iraqi government prolonged the conflict for another six years of static warfare. From which the Iraqi forces ultimately regained the upper hand. Iran was internationally isolated and facing rising public discontent. Finally, a cease-fire was agreed on August 20, 1988. Thus it is clear Iran snatched PARITY from the jaws of victory in the last few years of the conflict. History can be subjectively viewed of course. However, it is far more honorable and decent to view it dispassionately and without encumbering oneself with supercilious attitude and condescending comments as in your two previous posts, whilst engaging in selective laundering of the facts. ;)

    from the article: Will Bush make Iran the only superpower?
    First published 00:00 25.08.06 | Last updated 00:00 25.08.06
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Hinda, whose son Berjas Aweidat was jailed for 13 years by Syria, and the ex-inmate's brother, Sa'id
Released Golan Druze man's family doesn’t know why Syria imprisoned him

Syria released Berjas Aweidat, 47, of Majdal Shams on Monday after 13 years in jail. His brother has spoken to him by telephone. 'I asked him how he was, he says he's OK.'

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Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves after an election campaign poster laun

Amid anti-Semitism furor, U.K. voters look set to punish Labour in local vote

The elections have been framed as a test of Corbyn's first months in charge of Labour after he shifted the party's political stance sharply to the left.

Sheldon Adelson and his wife, Miriam.
Trump receives Sheldon Adelson's support for presidency bid

The New York businessman wasn’t the casino mogul's first choice for president, but Adelson concludes that he 'will be good for Israel.'

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A sign showing the distances to Damascus at an army post from the 1967 war at Mt. Bental.
After almost 50 years of Israeli rule, Jews still a minority on Golan Heights

Quality of life, sane housing prices, incredible scenery 
and quiet have failed to lure many Israelis to settle there, while local Druze and Arabs are still more connected to their Syrian brethren.

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