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Israelis take shelter in the stairwell of a building during a rocket alert siren, July 8, 2014.
The summer Israel’s security bubble wrap burst

The army’s original battle plans were thrown out, soldiers had to improvise while fighting in the tunnels and the intelligence on Hamas’ intentions was wrong. It seems the only thing Israel got right about the war was the victory parties in Gaza.

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Netanyahu denies Abbas claim he agreed to '67 borders

Palestinian president say all that remains is to draw the border; also says Palestinian officials to meet Kerry next week.

Body of missing U.S. student found

The 23-year-old Jewish seminary student from New Jersey, Aaron Soffer, disappeared last week, police say there was no indication of foul play.

Gaza boy
The 'war’s end’ edition / The Promised Podcast

Allison, Don and Noah discuss: Now the ceasefire's signed, what the hell just happened? Iron Dome saved lives, but at what cost? And is it time to eulogize liberal Zionism?

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