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Egyptian Army soldiers patrol in an armored vehicle backed by a helicopter gunship in Sheikh Zuweid

'If ISIS nears Gaza, Egypt may invite IDF to act'

Egyptian army’s challenge is not only to destroy ISIS’ forces, but to prevent it from establishing strongholds in Sheikh Zuweid and El Arish.

A Palestinian detainee.

Number of Palestinian prisoners up 26% since 2011

Figure released at Knesset meeting as government backs request to ban security detainees from making phone calls to families.

Wreckage in Gaza

Israel and its moderate Sunni neighbors can save Gaza

If Israel brings on board Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Gulf emirates, it can launch massive construction projects on the road to a realistic peace.

Susan Ahyed at the Netanya cemetery.
The Rosa Parks of Israeli cemeteries

Susan Ahyed's court battle began when the rabbi at her friend's funeral told her to move back to the women's section.

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