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    • human citizen
    • 09.05.10 | 16:41 (IDT)

    obama is. This is HIS doing. Behind the scenes for months, his band of house jews and anti semites have been setting this in motion. They call it "linkage", and its very premise is not only flawed, but self serving. It's about oil people..which ironically is what the left accused bush of kowtowing to....men like baker, brzezhinski, khalidi, power, koh, freeman, miller, indyk, rahm...all proponents of linkage, and all either with an axe to grind or some sort of anti israel sentiment disuised as "pragmatism". It's dangerous and it won't work. The thought for them is if only israel will make peace AND give up her nukes, then all the problems with the arabs will dissapear and the US can then deal with iran...it's strikingly naive, which only can mean one thing; despite these men's anti israel leanings, or naive liberal academic theories, the fix is in against israel. Obama is attempting to cleverly use the UN as cover for his grand world view regarding nuclear disarmament, which really is code for disarming israel. If it has the UN imprimatur, then obama can say, it wasn't me who sacrificed israel. very smart...but very transparent. No matter what israel gives up for peace, it STILL won't be enough for the arabs...and so the notion of israel denuking is both naive and frankly, impossible. Israel had RESPONSABLY had nukes for near 50 years. Some would say in that time they have had cause to have used them and STILL they have not. I think if the shoe were on the other foot and the iranians had had nukes for near 50 years, and israel had threatened their existance, I believe they would have used them long ago. It's so funny on this website...most if not all of the discussion is around the notion of who can or cannot have nukes, and it seems that most on here seem to think if israel has them then iran should have them, BUT if you ask ahmedinejad, he says it's against their religion to have them...people on here seem to think he is close to having them yet he says he doesn't even want them. Are you lying or is he? Does ANYONE on here really think he is not pursuing nuclear weapons? Last i checked, iran was the only nation on earth to openly state they wanted to wipe another UN member state off the map. Parsing words to say he only meant zionism and not israel as a jewish state is a joke and EVERYONE on here and elsewhere knows it. When the US, Russia, China, France, Italy, UK, Pakistan and India give theirs up, then maybe it will have more viability. Until such time, it simply wont happen. and yes, people will naturally condemn israel...so what...we already know what to expect. In any case, they can sanction israel- we have enough wherewithal to withstand it and we already have our nukes. One thing I know...obama is no great friend of israel. He is an arab appeaser and ultimately, will be proven to have been wrong. If he had any sense, he would say to iran, make peace with israel, let inspectors in anytime, anywhere, stop enrichment entirely, swap fuel outside the country, and get on with having your medical and other needs met for your people. No one is against the iranian people, but they are against a madman who will bring all of us down with him. Unless iran chooses this path, there is nothing more to talk about. Do I think peace between the pals and israel will help certain sides to this gordian knot? yes, but it won't stop the hatred of jews nor the desire to take down all of israel. There is NO way out but to stand up for universal principles and respect for others and to fight when the time comes, and it is Coming.

    from the article: Report: IAEA to discuss Israel's nuclear activities for first time
    First published 00:09 08.05.10 | Last updated 00:09 08.05.10
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