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    • Joe
    • 29.05.05 | 08:59 (IDT)

    'The Jews belonging to these two groups were a minority, but they were terrorists...'. I'll put aside differences between Irgun/Le'chi and Palestinbian terrorism. What I will say is this: You are correct that those were minority groups. At a certain point, the Jewish majority HANDED OVER to the British authorities. Once the Jews gained authority, all armed groups outside the formal arms of government were dismanteled. Palestinian equivalent those days would be the PA handing over to Israel terrorists from Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Popular Frong, Democratic Front, Tanzim, Al Aqsa Martyrs (apologoes if I forgot any terror group). The PA does not do that. On the contrary, they name schools and football teams after suicide bombers, sing glorifying songs for them, etc. Had the PA follow the Jewish example, they wouild have dismantlled all terror groups, which the major disturbance to peace. 'They had lived there for close to 1,300 years and did not believe that a foreign organization had the right to take their land away from them.' As you can see through the link below, many of the people who call themselves Palestinians immigrated from Arab countries during the 20's and 30's. Some of them have been for long, but quite few of them. 'No, the Arabs didn`t accept the partition of their land in 1948 by the United Nations.' They must assume responsibility for that. Accountability=Independence. ' For Arabs the history of colonialism, which only ended some 30-40 years ago, is still fresh in their minds.' Treating the Jews not as people who excercise their recognized right of return but as colonialist is a major Arab distortion. Without correcting it, there will be no peace. 'Israelis kill Palestinians and Palestinians kill Israelis.' FATALY WRONG! - There is no moral equivalnce between the two. Palestinian run an organized campain to mass murder as many Innocent individuals as possible only because their p[assport reads 'State of Israel'. Israelis go after those people and organizations who run this mass murder campaign, and not against the Palestinian at large. There is a lineal relation - No Palestinian terrorism, no Israel looking for Palestinian terrorists. There is no 'cycle of violence' here. 'Israeli governments tactics of...destroying the Palestinian economy'. Palestinian economy is in ruins because Billions of unaccounted for donated $$. per capita, the aid to Palestinians is the largent in world's aid histoy, and yet look at their condition. Where did alla the money go?? 'The blatant construction of the "separation" wall...'. 5 minuted after all terror organizations are dismantlled, so will be the fence. '.......We will declare: 'NEVER AGAIN'"' Making comparisoins to WWII Jewish holocoast does not add credibility to your claims, Krin.

    from the article: Think before you sing `Hatikva'
    First published 00:00 27.05.05 | Last updated 00:00 27.05.05
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