Knesset?s Hari kiri ? authorizing police instead of judges!!?? - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Knesset?s Hari kiri
    • 17.08.07 | 12:50 (IDT)

    To create a database of telephones, computer etc for police?s use is very last law any people or country can agree to, as long as last remnant ?of Democracy? acclaimed to exist, more so the ?argument? of the Police Superintendents ??he has to sit and investigate, name by name ... and for each one I have to go to the phone company. That is a lot of time, a lot of money." It is understood that Israel?s police force especially its officers are in most urgent need of being ?re-educated to fit into a completely lawful governmental agency!? It is another sign of lawlessness from the top, of a minister ?who wants to be the law? instead of being the guardian of Israel?s laws and his ongoing connected debate with the President of Israel?s High Court Chief Justice Beinisch. - The learned Tel Aviv University law professor seems to either afflicted by some unexplainable, suddenly new interpretation of democracy, law and of government?s function within this frame work. The absurdity of proposing in ?democratic Israel? such an invasion into privacy on every level ?for ease of reference? and even not under the pretext of crime prevention, makes him and his proposed law completely unfit in every respect. ? The Knesset Commission Chairperson for Constitution of Justice and Law, MK Menahem Ben-Sasson?s statement ??.the intention was to give the police access to phone data and not computer data. The law envisions access to the database in life-and-death cases or to prevent a serious crime where a senior police officer could authorize access without a court order?? is completely unacceptable especially by a person of the law professions especially for his the intention to give ?Senior Police Officers? the right to use this unnecessary data bank instead of a questioning / proving judge for authorization least District Judge to authorize such an invasion into privacy.? Israel has permanently on call for emergency cases judges who will weigh and decide which is their function in law. That the Knesset Committee for Constitution of Justice and Law deals with this law proposal brought in by the Ministry of Justice for weeks already and no real opposition was registered against it is another proof of the Knesset inability to fulfil under present circumstances its overseeing law making functions! A r e w e o f f i c i a l l y b e c o m i n g P o l i c e S t a t e a n d t h i s b y K n e s s e t ? s a u t o m a t i c a f f i r m a t i v e v o t e s ?

    from the article: Knesset to discuss granting police access to phone data
    First published 00:00 17.08.07 | Last updated 00:00 17.08.07
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