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    • karen
    • 22.05.13 | 08:34 (IDT)

    this behaviour comes from conditioning, and brainwashing from outside as well as the mother father and extended family - it is seldom that any of these laws enforced or otherwise are of any benefit except, to many times criminalise the wrong people(and this is according to students, and people who have the history and daily experience of that person. The small things that begin the sexual harrassment are learnt behaviours, encouraged, because you have reached a certain status, or it is a certain day in the annual calendar. These violations of a persons personal space, are based on the self respect of the victim and the aggressor. Can you see now, all over the world people need to explore their person, their space, their ideas of allowing people into their space. This is physical, it is biological, as well as a cognitive process that has taken place over many seconds. I can think of an idea, a person, each and everyone, standing in a space, and the leader asks everyone to make a space for themselves(there is a hebrew word for this). Stretch up to the ceiling as far as you can, with your arms, to the side, as far as you can, to the back, use your legs, to measure your space, back and front and side, sometimes they also jump up and down on the spot, as high as you can. This alone creates a space that becomes impregnable, in most, situations, and on the side of the receiver of the action, they are able to move out of the situation faster, physically and psycholgically. You have to physically work out your space because we are bombarded by so many ideas of what we are supposed to be, and they are contradictory, guilt and shame forming. When behaviour is formed like this and it is how these torturers on the air work, it is so that they can say "step to the right now, and jump now"; you are not supposed to know what the next step is. If you take away all he lies, you are left with a "poor" example, of an adult, and so the adult has to develop in the community, going through all the stages from baby and all the stages in between(Jean Piaget, origin of intelligence in the child, and there are other books), in physical exercises. These people in George, South Africa, openly talk about, mating people(by remote), about heightening sexual pleasure - all of this seems normal, but they are in groups, and it is organised, and some of them are able to look on situations, from satellite all the years and they arrange and sychronise meetings with other people in the space giving all of the supporting, encouraging, sounds, and body language. Often the way I have found out is if one of their plans does not work, and then they can come around to your house and direct you with words and language like a child, that you must do this or that - it is like a child tries to make you do something.

    from the article: Knesset gives Council for Higher Education three months to draft rules on sexual harassment in academia
    First published 02:11 22.05.13 | Last updated 02:11 22.05.13
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