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Nepal death toll rises to 2,500, thousands wounded

Nepal earthquake updates / Number of Israelis who remain unaccounted for down to 150; Israeli aid flights to Kathmandu delayed.

Settlers using land closed off to Palestinian owners

An alleged 5,000 dunams (over 1,200 acres) of Palestinian land in the Jordan Valley is under settler cultivation; owners have petitioned High Court asking for land's return.

Three soldiers indicted for looting during Gaza war

The move marks the first of the military police’s 19 investigations into Operation Protective Edge to produce indictments.

Druze salute divers who found treasure in Caesarea

More than 2,500 coins from the Fatimid Islamic dynasty, dating from 11th century C.E. were discovered in February; image imprinted on most of coins is that of Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah, leading figure in Druze tradition.