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    • 09.02.10 | 11:11 (IST)

    Israelis ? Keep us from voting while living abroad or residing abroad. Before I made Aliya I always thought that all Jews in order to be Jewish must also have an Israeli identity card and an Israeli passport. I changed that naive view to believing that every Jew must own an Israeli Bond so that his personal economic future had a stake in the well-being and safety of the Jewish state. Before I immigrated I believed that Diaspora Jews should restrain their influence in the democracy and polity of Israel issues. The Diaspora could write and debate about it, but only those whose lives are on the line should have any direct involvement in Israel?s democratic choices. After becoming an Israeli I now believe that I should not have been given the rights of the law of return because I came from the rich WEST and could easily return to the USA if I did not ?make it? in Israel. Israel was built by Jews who had no choice of any ?return!? Half of all American Jews who make Aliya return to the States. Only necessity and extremity are creative and inventive. It is the discriminated Jews that created and continue to create the State of Israel in large numbers. The WEST does not have large numbers in Israel. Thos Israelis who left to live in the Goldene Medina should not be trusted with the future of the Jewish state by giving them an absentee vote in the future of the State. The US is a resource to be used by those oppressed elsewhere. Israel is not a resource for oppressed Israelis pleasantly living in the USA. Being a Jew in Israel is precarious; being an Israeli in the USA with a green card or an American passport, is not precarious or life threatening. The many Israelis I know living in the USA who love Israel come back to Israel to vote. They understand. Most Israelis living in the USA worry more about their pocket books than they do about the Jewish State. The same is true about more than 80% of American Jews: they care more about their pocket books and their immediate families than they do about anything else and certainly more than they care about the Jewish State. Only 20% of American Jews have visited Israel. Israelis living abroad must come home to vote and not be entrusted to defend the constantly threatened Jewish State. Americans living abroad should vote abroad because America plays a role for Jews that Israel might someday achieve when she becomes a superpower and the last great hope of humanity. When that day comes not only should, Israelis and Jews as well, but all the Diaspora be able to vote with an absentee ballot.

    from the article: Move for absentee voting prompts fire across the political spectrum
    First published 02:15 09.02.10 | Last updated 09:54 09.02.10
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