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    • PaulR
    • 01.03.12 | 20:36 (IST)

    You have no idea of facts. Jews having been given everything. My foot! They worked, dried swamps, developed advanced industries, created work that among other things attracted Arabs from far away to find jobs, revolutionized agriculture, standing up and defeating terror, fought for their independence, has the world's best and most motivated army and today one of the few still growing economies. All this in spite of an evil reactionary neighborhood that tries everything to destroy it. So the USA support Israel with 3 billion Dollar a year, all of it creating jobs in the USA, that helps a little but is certainly not essential. No foreign soldier ever fought for Israel. The foundations for Israel were created by most of the Jewish people, saving pennies. Despite the current right wing government Israel, which hopefully won't last for ever, is a strong democracy and the only country in the Middle East where Arabs are free to do everything that their Jewish co-citizens do, in politics, education, social services etc. that are the basis of life in a democatic state. Put that in contrast to the Palestinians who have become professional and best paid refugees, inherited from generation to generation and supported by the UN, EU and USA, without permitted to be integrated into the Arab countries they presently live in. The number Jewish refugees from Arab lands, actually larger than the number of Arabs that fled from Israel, was integrated into Israel in no time and the status of "refugee" never was a topic. Regarding the National Antem, I also think that Israels minorities have to be accommodated with a neutral text, that does not demand them to identify with the Jewish Soul. It is more a matter of tact and the problem is not new. I lift my hat to Justice Joubran, a courages man. Maybe, like f.e. in Switzerland, a second and alternative National Antem shoud be created to find a solution to a problem, when the need arises.

    from the article: Former judge backs Arab judge over Israeli anthem scandal
    First published 19:01 01.03.12 | Last updated 19:01 01.03.12
Haaretz Headlines
Patrick Leahy - AP - 16.5.2012

U.S. is closely tracking allegations of Israeli human rights violations, State Dept. tells Leahy

Statement comes in response to letter from Senator Patrick Leahy and 10 other Democrats asking for reassessment of military aid due to alleged 'gross violations of human rights.'

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone leaves after appearing on the LBC radio station in London
Despite furor over 'Zionist Hitler' comment, Livingstone denies responsibility for Labour's election results

Former London mayor, who said last week that Hitler had supported Zionism, accuses right-wing parliamentarians of stoking anti-Semitism to harm party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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Habayit Hayehudi MK Bezalel Smotrich speaks at the Knesset plenum

Lawmaker: Israel should take revenge on Palestinians to preempt Jewish 'revenge attacks'

Right-wing MK Smotrich claims that the arson-murders of the Dawabsheh family and the killing of Mohammed Abu Khdeir were private citizens' 'justified aspirations' for revenge.

Dilek Dundar, journalist Can Dundar's wife, and his lawyer, 2nd left, overpower a gunman
After assassination attempt, Turkish journalist sentenced for revealing state secrets

Can Dundar, editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet, and Erdem Gul, the newspaper's Ankara bureau chief, have been sentenced to at least five years jailtime.

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