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    • Rab Burns
    • 18.12.10 | 12:55 (IST)

    I have just returned from Israel.I am absolutely apalled at the misleading news about how the pals and arabs live in Israel.They wandered the streets their drivers drove like lunatics and were not stopped by the police.They have huge areas of open land and housing that is better than a lot of people in Israel have.They must have plenty of money too because they are now buying housing in affluent Jewish areas.I saw a little bit of harrasment of arabs towards religious jews but not the other way around.ARbas ran riot on a few nights and they were not touched somethng that the world media failed to see.I talked with many Israelis and was told time and again of how they had witnessed the murdr of innocent lives.And i also spoke to many arabs who were more than happy to live under Israeli rule.My observations were completelty unbiased and yes an arab did try to have a go i could have easily taken them out but being a good human being let them go on their way i am sure they would not have been so kind to me if they thought they could have bested me.I willnever watch international news in Australia again in the same light after seeing how easily they distort the truth. How many people are aware that the arabs isralis are now a lkarge proportion of students at universitys and since they do not go into the army and are given financial assistance they are actually treated better than Jewish Israelis.How many Journalists show the Thousands upon thjousands of Jewish beggars on Israeli streets they do not have Palestinian beggars because they get so much given to them it is a joke.I did not see one arab beggar .I am telling you this first hand not from a country far away from Israel so unless you have been there among all the people do not comment on things you know nothing about.Oh among te Ethiopean Jewish community theior is sever poverty which world orginisation is helping them.Also there are heaps of Arab refugees from Sudan etc why because the Jews treat them better than their own muslim brothers for the record the Egyptians shoot them .I must admit when i saw muslim women with backpacks and trolley i was a bit worried but then again how many Jewish suicide bombers have their been.All the street signs etc are in Hebrew Arabic and sometimes English Arabic why would they put up Arabic if they wanted to get rid of them.As i said before i freqeunted many arab places and never saw unjustified persecution. i found Israelis to be truthful and straight to the point maybe a bit arrogant and tough but then again living among countrys and people that wish to annihilate you who can blame them.On many occasions i saw acts of vandalism where muslims have tried to erase christian and Jewish history and replace it with Islamic ones what has the world done about this exactly the same as the a

    from the article: Ban Ki-moon names settlement freeze a top UN goal for 2011
    First published 06:38 18.12.10 | Last updated 06:38 18.12.10
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