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    • Ernst
    • 21.10.05 | 15:26 (IST)

    Joshua Moesch says that Strasler writes all lies. Is this true? I don't know. What I do know is add in Istaeli newspapers that if your religious observant (enough) you and your family can get a huge house for less then 50.000$ in one of the illegal settlements. Who is paying for this sponsoring? I'm sure the state does its part (ministry of housing), but also the Jewish National Fund, by means of a subsidiary organisation (as reported before in Haaretz) But apart from the state sponsoring of the individual settlers, the cost of maintaining a modern, standing occupation army in all of the occupied territories is GIGANTIC. Last week I was in Israel (Rehovot) and I saw the poor in the street, I felt the holes in the street pavement, I spoke to people working their brains out to be able to pay their bills, with their children with 42 kids per class, 28 children per kindergarden group (yes, 28 children age 2 to 5 being taken care of by one daycare worker!) I didn't meet one Israeli that thought they should stay any longer in the westbank and continu supporting the settlers. they are in far greater majority then the settlers and I disagree with Strassler that the settlers will start a war to keep the occupied territories. Already more then 30% of settlers openly declare they want to leave (an opinion that always was highly taboo in settler circles) and estimates are that more then 70% would be wiling to leave when the government of Israel asked them politely. The few extremists that have other plans are well mapped by the security services and can easily be disarmed if necessary. The idea of settler infiltration into "key positions in education and culture, in the press and TV, and in academia, the courts, Knesset and governmen" is absurd and smells like paranoia. The same kind of paranoia that we heard before the disengagement from Gaza.

    from the article: Preparing for the next war
    First published 00:00 21.10.05 | Last updated 00:00 21.10.05
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