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    • zionist forever
    • 15.08.10 | 21:08 (IDT)

    NO it can't reach iran without refueling or carrying drop tanks and if we want to carry those it comes at the expense of stealth which is the only thing Israel really wants from F35. It has smaller fuel tanks than even the standard F16 not just the F16I which has bigger tanks. It can't carry as many missiles as F16 because its all got to go internally we can't carry them under the wings and under the belly of the plane which you do with G4 planes. it won't have any Israeli electronics it will be the standard off the shelf export model, You can buy 5 F16s for the price of 1 F35. Its not a dogfighter like F16. The US will not let us make repairs to our own planes if we have a problem it has to be sent back to Lockheed Martin so what happens if we are in a war the plane is damaged as we are not allowed to make repairs the US hasn't sold us any spare parts and you can't send a plane away for repairs in the middle of a war so the plane is grounded not fighting which is what we bought it for. The arabs will eventually buy the export F35, Turkey us building the whole plane under license and it will be equipped with anything Turkey wants to put on it so they will have a superior plane than us. Any commitments give to Barak about future planes having Israeli systems aboard means nothing because decisions like that are not binding if a future adminstration decides they don't want to abide by that promise given to Barak they are within their rights to say you want more planes your going to get more off the shelf we are not going to allow you to instal any of your own systems. Its also not designed to carry Israeli designed missiles so we will not be buying Israeli missiles, we will not be paying Israeli companies to instal Israeli electronics so it cost Israeli companies alot of business and if even the IAF is not using Israeli electronics and missiles then the companies won't invest in further development of them so it means we won't have a product that we can export to others who are not buying F35. THIS PLANE IS A LOOSE LOOSE DEAL FOR ISRAEL AND WE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN BULLIED INTO BUYING IT.

    from the article: Israel to purchase 20 Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jets
    First published 15:40 15.08.10 | Last updated 17:55 15.08.10
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