@Johnny -terrorists are terrorists and I surely do not support such actions. - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • tia_algeria
    • 15.02.11 | 16:58 (IST)

    I agree with you on most of your comment however I believe deeply rooted amalgames between teh notions of jewish/zionist/isareli is not helping at all as it gives the idea of a group and unicity that does not actually exist. the terrorist "groups" can be politically motivated, others brainwashed by religious radicals, some are just anti-semitic idiots. amalgames cause people to think all jews are israeli colons. it sounds crazy but some people think thsi way. colonialist policies are not supported by teh majority of jews around the world however you only hear the zionist pro-colons suporters in the media and the other people are not allowed to express themselves. so yes, it builds anti-semitism as some people associate all jews to the injustice towards palestinians. when i visit france or teh UK, i don't like to go to those peace rallies. you have people who are there for peace and others there to express their anti-semitism and you also find jewish extremists. these people are there to fight but nevertheless listen to what they say. you will learn a lot. we can change some of these people as most of it is brainwash or disinformation. it is our reponsability to keep unity and not push to hartred towards one another. what is political should remain political and a foreign issue for most of us. algerians are algerians. I refuse to see jews, christians or muslims in them. this is one dimension of who they are only. jews are not the 5th colon in our countries but have been part of the fibre for thousands of years for isntance. your govt is not helping by insisting on associating all jews to your conflict. everyone has fanatics in their countries but jews in algeria tend to be unostentacious and tehy are right to be until our country is safer. as I said, we don't want to have your fight imported on our soil. I don't want our citizens to feel threatened in their ancestors country by a bunch a lunatics. everyone must act responsibly and avoid putting your conflcit on another level than political. exacerbating bad feelings is not an acceptable solution

    from the article: Israel fears Hezbollah behind terror threats on its embassies
    First published 13:06 15.02.11 | Last updated 13:06 15.02.11
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Maram Abu Ismayil, 23, and brother Ibrahim Salah Tahah, 16, shot after attempted stabbing at Qalandi

Israel Police refuse to release video of thwarted West Bank stabbing attack

Eyewitness accounts by Palestinians contradict police's claim that Maram Abu Ismayil, 23, and her brother Ibrahim Salah Tahah, 16, refused their request to stop and posed a threat to officers.

Elie Wiesel.
Newly unearthed version of Elie Wiesel's seminal work is a scathing indictment of God, Jewish world

In Wiesel’s uncensored Hebrew 'Night' manuscript, unveiled here for the first time, the author expresses desire to take revenge on the Hungarians, lashes out at fellow Jews and describes sexual scenes from the train to Auschwitz.

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