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    • Joe Perlov
    • 25.07.10 | 11:59 (IDT)

    I am a Jethro Tull music fan. I have been a fan for about 40 years. I remember buying my first album in Beer Sheva - Aqualung - in 1971 when I was 16 years old. I have since replaced that scratched vinyl album with a cassette, followed by an 8-track, a CD, and it is now on my ipod. For the past four or five years Ian Anderson has come to Israel on his tours, playing in Ceasaria, Ra'ananna, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. I always get tickets and love taking friends and family to hear and see a real Rock icon. Sometimes Ian comes with other artists and plays classical music, while sometimes he brings his Jethro Tull band and plays his greatest hits from the day. In light of so many artists being pressured by the boycott of Israel, Ian came out with a statement. I think it is interesting and worth reading. He loves playing here to his Israeli audience, and I think he has taken a courageous stand while under real pressure. You may have heard that a number of acts, including Elvis Costello, the Pixies and Carlos Santana (what a disappointment!!!) have succumbed to the boycott and canceled their Israel appearances recently. It is worth noting however that Elton John, Rod Stewart, Missy Eliot, Jonny Rotten and others have come and played wonderfully successful concerts dedicated to music, peace and co-existence. If you are interested, I have included Ian's statement below, followed by the response by the "international cultural boycott of Israel" further below. How disappointing it is to me that these folks simply don't get it. How difficult they make it for those of us who believe and strive for a peaceful co-existence with our neighbors and with the Palestinians amongst us. Wouldn't it be a trip if they'd find a way to Give Peace A Chance. Their response to Ian's statement is so ridiculously far out there, that even the Peaceniks amongst us have a hard time keeping the faith. So, if you think this is worth your time, I suggest you show Ian your support of his support of the music and peace by dropping him a line. Go to if you want to do that. Better yet, come see one of his three concerts in Israel this coming August. . To read Ian Anderson's article,

    from the article: Jethro Tull: Won't be pressured into canceling planned Israel show
    First published 19:05 24.07.10 | Last updated 19:05 24.07.10
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