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    • Eric
    • 19.07.05 | 15:42 (IDT)

    I noticed you are from London. I guess it would be save to say that those killed in the tube/bus bombings deserved to die also? I guess that was also a military strike. I mean after all, you guys are the ones you voted in Blair. Joe...I hope you know that I'm being sarcastic but what I am sincere about is the fact that you clearly do not understand much outside your own 3 foot radius. I am against leaving Gaza right now. There is simply no power on the ground to maintain order. Abbas clearly cannot handle it, regardless of whether he wants to or not, because the PA has been unsuccessful in their attempts to counter the Hamas assault that has been taking place in Gaza over the past few days. Not to mention the fact that Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups have openly expressed their discontent for Abbas and all that he stands for. Do the settlers need to leave Gaza? Yes...but not now. Let's face it...even the Torah says that Gaza is not ours. That's why Im not against giving it away but not now. Now, its just a victory for terrorism. Now, its just a sign that "blow me up some more and Ill give you more cities." Israel has to stop worrying about what the world thinks but rather pay attention to what the world does. What do I mean? Pay attention... 1) 9/11...war was waged on Afghanistan and Iraq. The EU and the UN had problems with it but the US proceeded to launch a war. True, there were economic intentions for this war but the fact remains that the US acted in the face of aggretion in the name of her people's security. 2) Russia's relentless war in Checnyia. You want to talk about civil and human rights? Ladies and gentlemen let us all move our attention to Checnyia. What's the difference between Russia and Israel? Israel restrains itself and get's **** for it from the world. Russia uses its full force, tell's the world to go **** itself, and the world sits idly by because they know that Russian just simply does not care about anything except its own survival. 3) Egypt recently arrested a chemist that supposedly had something to do with the attacks in London. This trend can be seen in every major international attack (outside of Israel). The world unites and arrests Muslims in their country's. Yes, lovely indeed. My question is this, if Egypt can spring to action and arrest someone so quickly who is so important and so "high profile," then why cant they deal with the tunnels in Gaza? I bet someone is going to say that they will be able to deal with it once they are permitted helicopters and APC's on the border with Gaza. Ladies and gentlemen, you do not need an armored personnel carrier to destroy a tunnel. You do not need a tank or a helicopter to destroy a tunnel. No country in the world would accept her people being blown up as they enjoy coffee, food, or traveling to work on a tube and quite frankly, neither should Israel. I am not proposing all out destruction in the territories. But please, let us fight terror. Let us fight for our survival. Let us rid the world of terrorism. To all those in Europe and the world...whether you say that Israel is a racist regime or whether you say Hamas needs to be destroyed....those who carry the suicide belts will not ask you for your political views before they shred you and your families to pieces. -Eric

    from the article: Terrorism can wait
    First published 00:00 19.07.05 | Last updated 00:00 19.07.05
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