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    • Sami Alami
    • 06.06.05 | 01:18 (IDT)

    "Yavin is simply another simpleton who oddly believes all the toubles are down to the settlers and this supposed occupation." He accuses Yavin of being a simpleton just because he stated the obviosu in his documentary. Anyone with a grain of brain could see that teh settlemnts are the cause of strife and tension. As for the 'supposed occupation', well it is not supposed as jingles claims. In fact theere are many UN resolutions that refer to the Israeli military presence in the Palestinians territory as occupation. Every country in the world except Israel accepts the resolutions including the UK where Jingles claims to live. "The territories do NOT belong to the palestinians just as much as they don`t belong to Israel. What people cannot get through their thick skulls is that the final status of these territories is, and always has been subject to negotiation." More words of wisdom from our hero jingles! Looks like his own thick skull is hard to penetrate and he has convinced himself that the people who have been living on the land for hundreds if not thousands of years don't actually own it and they are therefore waiting for him to come forward and negotiate their future. " Those same people saying all the territories belong to the palestinians also strangely say Israel is prejucicing final status negotiations. Are the fool not doing the same?" Well, here he loses the plot completley and he is clearly showing signs of severe paronia. "Once these left wing nudnicks get off their make believe and arrogant high horses they will see that the supposed `right` of return is in fact MORE important to the palestinians than the settlements are so why give them up when this will not bring peace?" Again the guy is completly out of control. He decided that there was no need to give up the settlements and he appointed himself to speak for the Palestinians. He has signle handidly decided the outcome of any future talks and arrived at a conclsuion that the Palestinians right of return is merely a claim that should be dimsissed. all he needs now is for the Palestinians to see the light and give it all up and join the settlement movement so all will be honky dory. "Show me how I am wrong". I just have...

    from the article: Yavin discovered the darkness
    First published 00:00 05.06.05 | Last updated 00:00 04.06.05
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