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    • bernard ross
    • 24.09.11 | 20:22 (IDT)

    most jews belive that the 1947 partition and res 242 are bindingin international law. The partition was a non binding UNGA resolution and 242 was in abrogation of the 1920 trreaty of san remo and the league of nations mandate for the Palestine mandate territories which originaly included JOrdan and Gaza. Both of these were legally binding in international law. Only Israels subsequent treaty with jordan can be said to alter the san remo treaty and the league of nations mandates. The San remo treaty created the palestine mandate as the jewish homeland and at the same time created the countries of lebanon, syria and iraq and established the borders of saudi arabia. All of these nations were prior territories of the Ottoman empire; If Israel has any illegitimacy then so do all the other nations that san remo created. The league of nations ratified san remo and entrusted Britain to supervise the palestine mandate territory with the jewish people as benficiarry of the trust and with the proviso to reconstitute the jewish national homeland through jewish settlement. The legality of all mandatory trusteeships were inherited by the UN as the leagues succesor. Therefore the action of the UNGA partition was not only not binding but illegal in international law. Britain, with winston churchills stewardship, illegally severed 77% of the mandate to create Trans Jordan in violation of its trusteeship, kind of like a banking trust stealing the beneficiary's funds. In 1939, under Macdonald, Britain took the further step of disavowing the mandated territories as the national jewish homeland just in time to shut off the escape route for millions of jews trying to flee the latest european slughter of the past 2000 years. Thus Britain took on the secondary role of being directly responsible for the murder of millions of Jews. The US was part of this deceit as it was a witness to the treaties and raised no objection, but then the US also turned back a ship of Jewish children to the nazi ovens of Europe.. The treaty of San Remo and the League of Nations mandates are legally binding in international law but the ignorance of jews regarding their own history prevents them from reversing these swindles.

    from the article: Europe must save the two-state solution
    First published 17:09 24.09.11 | Last updated 17:09 24.09.11
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