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    • Daniel
    • 06.08.07 | 18:21 (IDT)

    The Jews are just being used by the crooked Zionists to extract money from the holocaust industry they themselves created. The Jews ought to leave Israel and return to where they were born before they were tricked into moving to Israel for their so called safety. Israel could care less about the holocaust survivors, they only use them as an excuse to extract money from other countries and then keep that money and use it to control politics, mostly in other countries such as the US. The Israeli politicians are just as bad and crooked as the crooked American power hungry politicians in the US. The so called American "Christians" support Israel only because they are taught by crooked "Christian" televangelists like John Haggee that Israel will be destroyed and millions of Israeli Jews will die then a few hundred thousand will convert to Christianity and Christ will return to earth. They actually can't wait for Israeli Jews to get killed so they can go to heaven which is against everything the bible teaches (more or less). The crooked American Zionists could have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of German Jews but decided to let them suffer so they would have a reason to later demand their own country. The Jews are just being used as an excuse to get more money and power for the Zionist crooks that created Israel and for the most part are not even real blood Jews to begin with they are Ashkenazi's who chose to convert to Judaism.These people were known as Khazars, In the 9th century, the Khazarian kings and nobles officially converted to Judaism. Surrounded by the Islamic Eastern Caliphate of Persia and the Christian Byzantine Empire, the Khazars may have chosen Judaism as their state religion to avoid being religiously (and hence politically) dominated by either empire, so that they could avoid being labelled as heathens while at the same time remaining independent of their powerful neighbors. By the start of the 10th century, Judaism gained a stronghold among the common Khazar people, and the Hebrew script came into use in Khazaria. However, most of the soldiers in the Khazar army were Muslims, and the non-Khazar ethnic groups within the Khazar Empire (such as the Slavs,Bulgars, and Goths) did not adopt Judaism but rather remained pagans, Muslims, and Christians. The real Jews should read more about the creation of Israel and stop the Ashkenazi converts from using them to gain power.

    from the article: Survivors' protest makes foreign journalists gasp, security vanish
    First published 00:00 06.08.07 | Last updated 00:00 06.08.07
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