jews & arabs will never embrace each other we hate each other & nothing about Israel represents arabs - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 02.06.10 | 15:34 (IDT)

    Although its nice to have ideals its a fact jews & arabs will never embrace each other in Israel. There is to much hatred and we have nothing in common. Most arabs don't accept the idea of a jewish state and nothing about it represents them The symbols of state are jewish, the anthem represents zionism, the national holidays are jewish ones. There is a law of return but that allows jews from the diaspora the right to emigrate to Israel and the reason for this is Israel was specifically created to be a jewish state and arabs have never been part of the ideal and even the bulk of secular jews want the country to remain a specifically jewish one. Alot of the arabs although call themselves Israeli citizens define themselves as palestinians, when the jews celebrate Israels independence the arabs mourn its creation, the arab loyalties lie not with the state but their arab brothers outside Israel, there are organizations like the JNF which buy land for jewish use only. The arabs like to live in their own little ghettos .. you don't find many arabs in towns like Netanya, Ranana, and Hadera .. they have plenty of immigrants from around the world but small arab populations. In Tel Aviv area the bulk the arabs are concentrated in the Yaffo region all together. They chose ghetto life. Its also a fact that if at some point a palestinian state is created even a left wing government is going to make sure that part of the package is getting rid of as many arabs in Israel as possible leaving them as citizens of the palestinian state instead of Israel. Jews don't like arabs & arabs don't like jews and neither side is afraid to admit it. When you both hate each other anyway and the state doesn't represent the arabs in anyway shape or form how does this guy expect the jews and arabs to ever embrace each other. The real world doesn't revolve around ideals it can be a very nasty and unfair place but thats just real life and being an idealist & criticising the system doesn't change things. This is the Middle East not secular Europe or America and in this part of the world its different. Here in most states religion plays a very big role in society, and its almost triabal - jewish state, arab states, Iran. You don't have to like it but its a different culture so what might be unacceptable in European or American culture is perfectly acceptable in the Middle East and its a fact that in Israel arabs will always remain an unwanted minority.

    from the article: Braverman: Israel should embrace its Arabs, Haredim
    First published 16:37 01.06.10 | Last updated 16:37 01.06.10
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