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    • Yossi
    • 06.10.11 | 15:06 (IST)

    HARD HEADED REALISM IS REQUIRED. When we have to recognize that the Government of Israel bears part of the stalemate in the negotiations. However the major obstacle for peace is still the perception held by most Israelis that at the end of the day the Palestinians are not yet reconciled to peace with Israel as the Jewish nation state. Since the Arab went to war in 1948 to prevent the establishment of a Jewish state what is more natural and more fair than to ask as part of an historical reconciliation to accept what you tried many times to destroy , namely the Jewish state. The unwillingness of the Arab countries as well as the Palestinians to confront their own responsibility for their tragedy in 1948 is the major obstacle for mutual trust and peace.. To this day many Palestinians are opposed to reconciliation with Israel. No state of Palestine will ever exist unless the Palestinians acknowledge that Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people. The Gaza disengagement which resulted in making the south of the country a target by the Hamas, the withdrawal from Lebanon which resulted in making the north of the country less safe will not reassure the Israelis to accept a Palestinian state at the border of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. Regretfully successful peace negotiations are in all probability no going to happen any time soon and even if the mechanism of negotiations could be resurrected the chances for a success outcome are slim. This calls for a hard headed realism, is not only from the part of the contending parties but also on the part of the international community for patience, moderation and wisdom. Even if an agreement is signed tomorrow with Palestinians, it is certain that certain factions will continue terrorist attacks against Israel. The best that could be done presently is an interim agreement on borders, leaving the rest of the dispute for later. An israeli PEACE LOVER.

    from the article: To be fair, what's really at stake in recognizing a Jewish state?
    First published 10:42 06.10.11 | Last updated 10:42 06.10.11
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