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    • Stephen Leach
    • 07.01.12 | 20:38 (IST)

    I've heard much of Mr. Boteach and commend him for at least reaching out to the 'christians'. Before any theological discussion can be had, it must be understood that 'religion' ie: Judaism & Christianity, are constructs of man and not ordained or endorsed by the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, whom both Jews & Christians 'claim' to worship. Genesis, establishes right from the beginning the Truth of who Jesus is and prophesies HIs the 1st & 2nd time. We must remember that neither Abraham, Isaac or Jacob, were 'jews' in the religious understanding, but they attained grace and righeousness by the Lord our God through their faith and obedience to Him. While I think it's great that the 2 religions talk to each other about 'truth', people must beware the 'leaven of the Pharisees' or man made understanding in the spirit of ecumenicalism, which means to dilute truth to accomodate mans limited understanding of the truth inherent in Gods word. The discussion must also include the 'whole' House of Israel (2 parts), the Promise given to Abraham and how one actually enters into the Kingdom of Heaven, via the 'stumbling block' that is Jesus Himself. Other than that, it would just be a back patting nice discussion among friends with no substance or truth so as not to offend. I would suggest anyone with 'formal' religious education be excluded from the discussion as their understanding of Gods truth is man made and not based upon the understanding provided to man by the Holy Spirit, which opens understanding by revelation. :) 'In all your getting, get understanding' Psalms 4. I support Israel in her fight against her nasty neighbors, but not for biblical reasons which the 'christians' fail to comprehend & understand because of their leavened truth and failed understanding of Gods word, but I do support an open discussion on Gods word without the religious content as religion is of Satan and not the Lord. Seek the Lord while He may still be found...time is running out for all of us to do so. Stephen Leach Gilbert, South Carolina a 'Non-christian' believer in the Lord our God.

    from the article: New book by U.S. rabbi depicts Jesus as a Jewish patriot
    First published 01:09 06.01.12 | Last updated 01:09 06.01.12
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