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    • ARny Handelman
    • 31.08.10 | 09:05 (IDT)

    This topic is another example of how oolitical correctness may oppose indisputable facts. DNA shows scientifically that there are Jewish genes, and even priestly "Cohane" genes. In fact, the unbelievable ability of the Jewish people to survive and thrive against all odds, like no other people in history, is undoubtedly partially the result of a good pool of genes. Some explanations indicate that in the middle ages, smart Christians usually became priests or monks, and did not propagate. Smart Jews married well and had a lot of children. Multiply this effect over hundreds of years, and you get a marked difference. Jews also experienced, to a certain degree, Darwinian improvement by the most cunning and resourceful Jews surviving pogroms, etc. Although cultural influences are obviously significant, such as the Jewish stress on learning and the Jewish esteem given intellectual rather than physical pursuits, the "nature versus nurture" issue shows pure inherited talent when you see such a staggering number of Jewish Nobel Prize winners in abstract fields like physics and mathematics. Jews could be motivated by belief that they are the divinely "chosen" people, but tons of effort wouldn't be enough to create the staggeringly disproportionate positive contribution Jews have made to civilization in so many fields like medicine, law, psychology, sociology, movies, entertainment, business, teaching, literature, music, philosophy, philanthropy, jurisprudence,etc. We need not detail the Jewish gift of monotheism, and intricate morality and ethics. Israel is being attacked by a world-wide effort to deligitimize her, deny her right to defend herself, boycott her trade and professionals, and divestment of any Israeli product, service or aset. The necessary response is to fight those evil efforts. One need not apologize for being pro-Israel, and one need not apologize for being Jewish--or for Jewish talent, whether the talent is from nature or nurture. I am a smart Ashkenazi Jew, and I'm proud of it. I am a Zionist, and proud of it.

    from the article: 'Jewish gene' theories make waves in Germany, go unnoticed in Israel
    First published 01:46 31.08.10 | Last updated 01:46 31.08.10
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